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➤ Hello friends Think about it : you voted for the politicians during the time of elections They formed the government After voting and the forming of the government , they come to you And tell you that you have to prove that you are the citizen of this country You prove that you are the citizen of this country You'd question what logic this is: you weren't asked anything before casting the votes Then they had to secure votes They're asking for votes after casting of votes Here, take this voter ID card as proof No. Voter ID card is not proof that you are the citizen of this country Then you'd say ; Here, take my Aadhaar Card. I had given my finger prints for Aadhaar card No. Aadhaar card is also not a proof that you are a citizen of this country PAN Card is also not a proof that you are a citizen of this country Passport is also not a proof that you are a citizen of this country This is their new nationwide NRC logic I'm not saying this. This has been said by our country's Home minister, Amit Shah himself in his latest Times Now interview Here, listen to it

➤ Voter ID card, Aadhaar card, passport- none of these are proof of citizenship This has been said by a report by the New Indian Express which has been sourced by government officials In the last video, I had explained about the Assam NRC, but Home Minister Amit Shah, in his latest interview, has said that the nationwide NRC would be different from the one in Assam That procedure would not be carried out So , on the basis of his interview and on the basis of the speeches of our Prime Minister and on the basis of the official statements issued on behalf of the government Come, let us see what this nationwide NRC could be and how it could appear And what is this NPR? and how would it work?

➤ Now you'll probably ask here that why am I even talking a few nationwide NRC? Because our Prime Minister, in his latest speech, has said that there are no plans for NRC Ever since his government was formed, they have never mentioned NRC No detention centres have been built in our country One thing I'd like to say is that I have never seen a bigger liar than our Prime Minister in my entire life He openly lies in loud voices

➤ "PM Modi Said  “After the formation of my government, right from 2014 until today, I’d wish to inform the 130 crore citizens of the country nowhere have we talked" anything about the word NRC There have been no talks “.

➤ Maybe he feels like if he says it while bobbing up and down and screaming, then people will believe his lie to be the truth Actually, you know what, this is a propaganda technique, a fallacy which is named große Lüge in German- an enormous lie This was mentioned or the primary time by the famous dictator of Germany, the name of whom you might know The meaning of it is to utter such a humongous lie that the listener feels that such a huge lie is being uttered by such a great person with such great confidence, then this thing can not be a lie. It must be the truth And this is how people are be-fooled and misled The truth is that Amit Shah, in not one, not two, but in 7-8 speeches, over the past 5 years, has talked about nationwide NRC time and again Repeatedly, he has said that nationwide NRC would be brought in.

➤ Modiji said in his speech that there are no detention centres in the country Another great example of this propaganda technique Neither (are they ) being sent to detention centres nor are there any detention centres in India Brothers and sisters This is a white lie This is a game of foul intentions It is a nefarious sport If detention centre is a rumor, then what is this in Assam? Have 40 crore rupees been spent to construct a shopping mall in Assam? And is a children's playground going to be constructed in Karnataka? It is 120 kilometers away from Guwhati and the construction that you can see here.It is an exclusive detention centre to house the declared foreigners in Assam. Prior to this, the foreigners were kept in jails

➤ To tell you another interesting fact, the people in these detention camps are both Hindus and Muslims There are tons of individuals crying to prove citizenship check out this video of these people in these detention camps that was shot by BBC

➤ The NRC will affect all- regardless of whether you're a Hindu or a Christian First, let me make it clear: there'll be no proceedings in NRC on the basis of any religion Whosoever will be found to not being a citizen of India under NRC- all will be weeded out This is one thing So it would be wrong, according to me, to say that NRC is solely for the Muslims And do you know what the reality is? The reality is that whenever such a scheme is implemented in our country, the most important harm are going to be inflicted upon the commoner and poor people Consider it: how any people have their birth certificates? Leave aside the(birth certificates) of the parents and the grand parents How many poor people would possess their own birth certificates? There would be so many people whose houses would have been swept away in floods Where would they procure any documents from? Now the thing is that the people that have money, they'd get their setting done. They would get counterfeit birth certificates made- or something like that But the poor people would face the most trouble If you can recall, something similar had happened during the time of demonetization They had said that due to demonetization, the people with black money would face a lot of problems But what happened in reality? The people who had money gave commissions to get their black money converted into white money A new business had flourished Come, give your black money here. We'd deduct a percentage of it and then get your black money converted into white money And this is what happened. Hence, in reality, you would have noticed all the money finally returned to banks after demonetization So who bore the loss? The biggest loss was borne by the common man and the poor people who had to stand in queues for weeks There were job losses and they lost their businesses The businesses that were actually thriving got shut down The GDP fell and the economy faced a loss of lakhs and crores of Rupees Just like in demonetization, there is Zero planning on the a part of the govt in NRC too Why am I saying this? Because, you yourself think about it : A scheme in which our Prime Minister says one thing The Home Minister says the opposite, another minister says something else which disagrees with both therefore the government itself isn't clear about what it wants I'd still maintain that in my opinion, the important reason why the govt is doing this is because this NRC, CAA, they need to distract the people they need to distract people from the very fact that economic slowdown has increased The GDP is plummeting, there are so many job losses taking place, the businesses are declining. In fact, in a latest report the OECD, has revealed that due to economic slowdown, our country has faced a loss of 2.8 lakh crore rupees Think about how big of a figure this is often 2.8 lakh crore But what does our government say? No, we will spend crores of rupees to construct detention centres We will spend crores of rupees to conduct the NRC I'd said that in the NRC of Assam, there was a scam of more than 1,600 crore rupees We'd spend money to conduct the NRC despite that Now they need come up with a replacement thing: they assert , they're going to conduct an NPR NPR means National Population Registers the govt has just sanctioned almost 4,000 crore rupees to urge this conducted Basically, this is often an exercise during which officialdom would attend all the people living within the country And collect their data Now the government says that this is often being finished the census 2021 And by the way, NPR isn't a replacement thing NPR was also conducted in 2010 but there are a couple of main differences Now, the NPR that's being conducted now and therefore the 2010 NPR consistent with reports, this point in NPR, there's a neighborhood during which they ask you about the place of birth of your parents and about their date of birth So this is often one thing that links the NPR with the NRC Because we'd seen in the case of Assam that things like parents' and grandparents' birth certificate were required in order to prove the citizenship of people So the people who'd come out as doubtful in the NPR, NRC would be applied upon them There is one thing I'd like to say here Amit Shah had said in his interview on 24 December 2019. The reality is that on 26th November, 2014, the government's own people had said in the Rajya Sabha that NPR is the first step to NRC and I have provided the link of this proof in the description if you do not believe me You can check for yourself It is on the government's own website Not just this, The Home ministry's own annual report of 2018-19 states that that NPR is the first step to NRC And this has been mentioned by the government not once, twice but in total 9 different times that there's a link between the NRC and therefore the NPR NPR is that the initiative to NRC What i do not understand is why the people within the government lie such a lot to the people What do they need to lose if they assert it clearly? Then I think about it and realise that they lie because There can be only one reason Distract the people. Confuse the people Distract the attention of the people from the real issues I see no other reason What do you think? You can write down in the comments below Due to a strong link between the NPR and the NRC The chief ministers of West Bengal and Kerala have said that in their states the NPR exercise won't happen.

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