Homeopathic Treatment for Piles


       Homeopathic Treatment for Piles

Homeopathic Treatment for Piles


Hi friends. I am a doctor and I am a homeopathic consultant. And I am continuously been sharing medical information What is piles and it's symptoms it's causes and along with that it's preventions and the homeopathic treatment for it. First of all, peole who suffer from piles they are very worried. Generally, there are a lot of patients i have seen who suffer from piles and when they suffering a lot they visit an allopathic doctor first and after visiting an allopathic doctor they suggest an operation for piles that the operation may help you treat the illness. But the operation is not the permanent solution. Because the mole that is formed due to piles it just removes the mole but if the cause is maintained then because of that cause, in very few days in 3-6 months they suffer from piles again. And again the mole is formed.So what do you want, temporary relief for which you need to undergo an operation which is a very critical process and also a painful process. or do you want the permanent solution permanent solution, in homeopathic treatment which takes more time but cures your piles permanently.And moreover homeopathic treatment tajkes long period so it depends on you that after the diseases has increased you take homeopathic treatment So when the disease is increased to cure it completely it will take long time and if you are at your initial stage or just started, at that time you take homeopathic medicines then it can be removed very soon because in acute conditions time required is less. In chronic condition it takes time to recover. So time taken is more when you are at chronic condition stage.

So now I told you why homeopathic treatment is necessary . Now I am going to tell you about homeopathic treatment how it is done, what are the causes, what are the symptoms, and along with that complete homeopathic treatment i will tell you. So first of all what is piles, it is also called HEMORRHOIDS and it is also called mole which are found on your anal canal, or in anal openings so first piles is formed on your anal opening, it forms a mole on your anal canal. which is also called swelling of veins ao that is called piles which is very painful symptoms are very painful, bleeding and along with that constipation bright-red color of stools, difficulty in passing stools because there are obstructions because of piles.So all these things come under symptoms and burning sensation is more. Burning sensation is increased so much that they cannot even sit properly that so there is so much of pain and burning. So all these symptoms can be seen. Generally the main cause is constipation. constipation is i have already uploaded a video about it in which i have told everything about what is constipation and it's complications and the complications lead to piles.

SO complications the cause is constipation. you can watch the video. which i have uploaded. Then apart from this if prolong, you strain for a very long time in the washroom if you strain a lot, but still it does not pass,then because of that gradually it might lead to PILES because it a lot of pressure is on the veins and on your blood supply and even that also causes PILES formation, and because of low fabric deit or if you drink very less water or work in a weather where there is lot of heat and you drink less water then because of that also you will suffer from PILES. And if you sit on a very hard object for a very long period of time or if you are having hyper-tension some treatments are done because of thst you suffer from constipation you take pain killers and if you take a lot of medicines because of which anti-inflammatory medicines or other medicines analgesic medicines are there antipyretic medicines which are taken continuously may also lead to development of PILES. Then there is a condition in which maximum 80% females suffer from PILES during their pregnancy or after delivery piles occurs becuase due to pressure or due to continuous hypertension your piles is developed.

Then , generally the piles are external piles and internal piles. these two types are often seen and are prolonged prolapsed piles that are of three types so internal piles are internally developed in which bleeding is more and pain is less but causes irritation when it is chronic. In external piles also there is bleeding but it is pain or burning is seen. Sometimes there are causes in which there is a cause aging. It means after certain age suffering from PILES Above 60 years of age,you suffer from piles. So aging generally that your supportive structures become weak and results in piles after the age of 60. Now let us talk about prevention. In preventions, the main cause is constipation and more alcohol .people who smoke also suffer from PILES. So in prevention you should cover all these things. You should reduce your alcohol consumption stop smoking If your fiber diet and fluid intake is less then you need to increase it. Then whatever the reasons are for constipation Which I have already told you so according to those constipation reasons constipation treatment is important. so constipation treatment has to be taken. Then cleaning should be done in the area So all these things are important. then

Now let us talk about it's homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic treatments, i have told you according to your cause what is your cause and so the medicines are given according to that. First medicines that come is AESCULUS AESCULUS HIP MEDICINE is the best medicine for your external piles in which you have bleeding and along with that you suffer from back pain. If you have a lot of back pain you have constipation,and have PILES then you can take AESCULUS medicine. Apart from that, there is a medicine called HAMAMELIS. HAMAMILIS is for bleeding piles. If you have a lot of bleeding because of piles then for that the medicine is HAMAMELIS. If you have burning sensation along with acute pain that is unbearable that you are not able to do anything you cannot even sit,for that the best medicine is NITRIC ACID. Apart from these, medicines that i have told for constipation will also work for PILES. Then there is ALOES medicine for external piles. Then there is COLLINSONIA medicine and RATANHIA medicine for PILES. But to cure your PILES, it is important that your diet disturbance and the preventions that i have told you are also important And please if you want to take homeopathic treatment then take it in initial stage or acute stage which will give you fast result

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