Last Words Of Prophet Muhammad

Last Words Of Prophet Muhammad 

➤ Under the scorching sun,on the plains of arafath Prophet Muhammad [SAW] delivered his final sermon o people listen to my words carefully finally whether after this year I shall ever meet you again this place o people your life's and your property's is sacrosanct until you meet your lord as are this sanctum this religious holiday and this holy month remember that you simply will indeed meet your lord and answer for your deeds so beware whoever of you is holding a trust let him return to its rightful owner  

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All usury is abolished your capital however is yours to keep wrong not,and you shall not be wronged all blood shed from the pagant age of ignorance,it to be left unavenged o people,the devil has lost all hope of ever being worshiped in this land of yours never the less he will try to mislead you in smaller matters beware of him therefore,for the security of your religion time has turned and it is as it was the day that god created the heavens and earth the number of month's is twenty four of them are holy in which war and fighting forbidden o men,you have your rights over your wifes and they have rights over you it is yours right they do not fraternize with anyone off whom you do not approve but if they do Allah has permitted you to isolate them and within their homes chastise them without cruelty but if they abide by your rights then they have the right to be fed and clothed in graciousness do treat your ladies well and be thoughtful to them for they are your partners and committed helpers

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You have taken them only as a trust from Allah and you have their enjoyment only by his permission so listen to me in earnest,o people and reason well I abandon two things the Quran and my example if you follow them you will not go astray,o people listen to my words know that each Muslim may be a brother to each Muslim which all Muslims constitute one brotherhood it's only lawful to require from a brother what he gives you willingly so wrong yourselves to your senses" the prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Salam then face the heavens and said be my observer o Allah that I even have passed on your message to your people it was then that some of the final words of the quran were reveled 

Surah Al Maydha - Ayah 3 -> " This day I even have consummated your religion for you and have completed my favor upon you and have chosen for you as religion al Islam" 

                      Ya Allah please save us from Hell fire 

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