What is CAA and NRC

Citizenship Amendment Act

National Register of Citizens


➤➤  There have been massive protests against it in different corners of the country In Assam, in the rest of the north eastern states, in West Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and even in Delhi, protests took place Most of the protests were non violent and peaceful but violence erupted in some places like the West Bengal, where a train was set on fire For instance in Delhi, where some buses were set on fire First of all, I'd like to say that , all the people who are protesting, you need to be extra sure to ensure that all the protests remain non-violent because you are going to gain nothing out of setting fire to public property What will happen is that, when any protest turns violent,you will not only lose public support but the government will get another excuse to use the police force against you more brutally, to attack you, to fit you into the category of an anti national and a misfit So if you are protesting against them,then you have to be extra sure that not even one of the protests turn violent. All of them remain non-violent On the other hand, the perceptible response of the government and the police Upon seeing them, it seems that instead of controlling the violence,the police seems to be deliberately inciting it A lot of such videos surfaced, in one of which, the police is hitting the bikes without reason and Some videos surfaced in which the police is firing in the air above the protesters Some videos showed that the protesters were not provoking the police and yet the police is dragging them and hitting them with Lathis I do not want to share these videos again here. You can go watch them on my facebook page I am not going to share them here In an incident, when the students of the Jamia Milia University in Delhi were protesting, then the Delhi police arrived, barged into the University and lathi charged the students Reports state that more than a 100 students got injured in it And the students that were not even participating in this got injured too and were also affected when the police barged in the library The students were studying inside the library and they (the police) fired tear gas shells even inside the library After this harrowing incident, which happened on 15th December, the news spread across the country, and the students of the different universities in India took out a march in solidarity with the Jamia Islamia University students Patna University, the AMU in Aligarh, Chandigarh University, IIT Bombay, Banaras Hindu University Jain University, TISS, IIT Madras, Pondicherry University, Jadavpur University All of these were universities where the students took out a protest march or supported the students of Jamia after this incident A lot of Bollywood celebrities also raised their voices- like Richa Chada, Swara Bhaskar, Tapsee, Rajkumar Rao. A cricketer, Irfan Pathan also raised his voice. And so far so, even a Hollywood actor was raising his voice in favour of these students The latest report states that a lot of police personnel also got injured but the police states that the violence that had erupted was not carried out by the students The people who had indulged in violence had come from outside Now you could ask how all of this became so Delhi focussed? because the main protests against the Citizenship Amendment are taking place in north east India in Assam and the rest of the north eastern states There is a simple reason behind this- because the internet is still active in Delhi What the government has done in response is to shut down the internet in various parts of Assam since a week There are internet shut downs in Meghalaya and West Bengal (too) In fact, there have been so many internet shutdowns that India's international image has fallen due to this A lot of newspapers and media houses across the world have begun ridiculing India regarding this that India has become the world's internet shutdown capital The number of internet shutdowns in India exceed the combined shutdowns of the rest of the world This has been found out by a report by the Forbes Not only is the internet shut down a means to stifle the voices of the people, because the government does not want the protests to take place The government wants that the people believe all the histrionic decisions it takes, with closed eyes Additionally, the internet shutdowns adversely affect the economy How would the businesses there run? How would the people do their jobs? Because a lot of jobs today are related to the internet. Without the internet, nobody's household can run No body can go about their work It is due to this reason, you might not have seen videos from Assam, like the ones you've been seeing from Delhi But the reports suggest that more than 1400 people have been detained there More than 175 people have been arrested More than 4 people have been killed in Assam The report of Scroll has also said that in an incident, in Assam, the police opened fire when there was zero provocation by the protesters The protesters were protesting peacefully but the police straight away opened fire upon them due to which two teenagers died The international media all across the world has been vociferously criticizing the Modi government regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act The United Nations has openly stated that this Citizenship Amendment Act is discriminatory Even the United Nation says it India's renowned Nobel prize winner Venkatraman Ramakrishnan who had won the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 2009 has also been criticizing this bill very openly and strongly In Assam, the BJP leaders have begun quitting the party A lot of senior leaders have also quit the party regarding this issue But even then the central national leaders of BJP are not mending their ways The same age old arguments and the same old excuses are being put forth that the bill is this and the bill is not this No, this bill is not discriminatory I want to ask them , have you thought of the citizens of the country as fools? that they are going to trust you and your party, of which 30% are already criminals your party- which severely lacks well educated people as compared to Nobel prize winners? Should we trust these Nobel prize winners and the United Nations? or should we trust your party? And their actions prove that this Citizenship Amendment Bill, The act that has been brought in not to help anybody this has been brought in merely to spread divides across the country Why am I saying this is because, even now, when the situation is so tensed, go and see what these BJP leaders have been sharing ion their Twitter accounts They're sharing videos that say that the protesters are raising anti- Hindu slogans These protesters want an ethnic cleansing of the Hindus and want to wipe them out so that there is a deliberate divide created between the Hindus and the Muslims When all of these videos are fabricated! Alt News has already proven that these videos are fake But they still want that a fear takes hold in the hearts of the Hindus So that a divide and rule strategy can be aptly applied here Then look at what the BJP supporters write in their Twitter comments They want 2002 to take place again Do you think that these people have even an iota of humanity in them to help others in any sense? It is clear that they want riots to take place They want riots to take place between Hindus and Muslims the people get distracted and then they are able to run their divide and rule game with ease Our Prime Minister himself is doing the same thing He says that the protesters can be recognised by their clothes, in his speeches My opinion is that what I feel is their real motive here Or you could ask anyone of them and see What are the facilities for those who'd come to India from the abroad and who would be granted citizenship Will they be able to give them jobs when they are unable to give jobs to the people in our own country? Will they be able to arrange food for them when the schools in UP give salt along with chapaties to its own students? and when they are fed dead rats? India's rank has been falling in the hunger index Will they be able to provide houses to them when the people in our own country do not have houses? Poverty has been on the rise You can question any one of them and see. None of them will have any answers Because they have no plan This Citizenship Amendment Act is only one side of a coin on its flip side is the National Register of Citizens NRC would mean that each individual living in this country would have to stand in queues, make rounds of offices themselves They'd have to show their documents and prove on their own that they are citizens of this country If they fail to prove it, then it would be assumed that they are not citizens of the country This is an extreme step, because viewing in legal terms, it is always said, "innocent until proven guilty" That is, a person is believed to be innocent until it is proved that he is guilty.


➤➤But what the NRC states is that , you're guilty until you are proven innocent That is you will be not be considered a citizen of India, until you yourself are able to prove that you are innocent and (prove that ) you're a citizen of the country Its history in Assam is lengthy But basically, the people of Assam wanted NRC to be implemented in their state so that it could be made possible to weed out the illegal immigrants and send them back to Bangladesh But when it was implemented, then it was found out what a huge failure this idea was! This process went on for a year long in Assam More than 1,600 crores were spent for the NRC in Assam These things kept happening repeatedly. Sometimes, people had to go repeatedly to prove they are citizens And when the final list came out, it was seen that there were more than 1.9 million people that were proven to be illegal immigrants. They could not prove their citizenship Now, you would think that those 1.9 million people are actually not citizens But what happens in reality is that the poor people did not have a means to prove that Because the poor people generally do not have documents to prove all of this and especially in the case of NRC, when what were the kinds of documents being asked from the people? Being born in India was not enough to prove that you are a citizen Your parents being born in India is also not a proof that you are an Indian citizen even though you might have lived your entire life in India, even though your parents might have lived their entire lives in India, even that is not enough proof You will have to prove that your parents have been residing in India prior to 1971 and you are their offspring And if your parents were born after 1971, then you would have to prove that your paternal/ maternal grandparents have been residing in India since 1971 so their birth certificates( would be required). And then you'd have to prove that you are their grandchild because this procedure was so complicated and complex, a lot of people were unable to prove that they are citizens Especially the poor people who were unable to procure their documents And on the other hand, a lot of other cases were witnessed, where if one was really an illegal immigrant, then he would give money and bribe the officers to print fake birth certificates And the officer incharge of checking whether your documents were valid or not, he could also be bribed easily So, (it was) such a complicated process which had so many loopholes So, basically, everyone was upset with the list that was finalized The BJP was upset because according to them, there were a lot of Bangladeshis that were included in the list The Congress was upset because it felt that a lot of genuine citizens were left out of the list All Assam Students Union was upset because it felt that the number of illegal immigrants that should have been included in the list, are not actually being reflected in the list So, since all parties were upset, this proves that this idea of NRC was a futile one It was never set to work because things like this do not work out You can never expect the people to get so many documents where there are so many chances of fraud This was a flop plan But despite that , Amit Shah says that they are going to conduct NRC in the entire country And when he is asked what will happen of those people who are not included in the NRC, then normally, you would think that obviously they would be deported to Bangladesh But in reality, the Modi government has told the Bangladeshi government that NRC is our internal matter You don't worry, nothing is going to happen This means that they have no plans of deportation Their plan is to lock them up in detention centres Construction of detention centres have begun in Assam Crores of rupees are being spent to construct these detention centres to house the people that have been excluded from the list They had constructed Assam's first detention centre at the cost of 46 crore rupees which can house upto 3,000 people But in reality, how many people have been excluded from the NRC? 19 lakh people! You can imagine how much this will cost It will cost more than 27,000 crore rupees for all those people of you want to house all of them in detention centres And then you can think and extrapolate: this is just the case of Assam right now if this is done throughout the country Lakhs and crores of rupees are going to be spent by them to make detention centres which will house those people which have not even been proven to be citizens or not, considering there are so many frauds being done in (the making of) that list Utter rubbish! Think about it: the Modi government will spend crores of rupees in making detention centres which supposedly houses illegal immigrants They are being provided services, their maintenance, their food and their stay is being provided for But if they invest the same money in schools and hospitals and in the improvement in facilities for the rest of the citizens of the country, then would it not be better? It is going to be manifolds better! These detention centres are a waste of money It would be better to make schools and hospitals so that everyone is benefited On top of that, if you combine this with the Citizenship Amendment Bill, then the ones excluded from the NRC and classified as illegal immigrants, then they can reclaim citizenship through the Citizenship Bill if they belong to particular religions So barring the Muslims and the atheists, everyone can reclaim citizenship Think about it. And then they that they are not discriminating against the Muslims What lies they utter! If you agree with my opinion, then share it

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