EVIL ABU LAHAB - Life Of Prophet Muhammad



Evil Abu Lahab The bad people were getting worried because their annual Hajj was coming soon. At that time there were 360 idols in the Kabah. Many people used to come from different places before Hajj time to worship those idols. So, they did Hajj for the Idols? How come? Wasn't the Kabah the house of God? Yes, it was the house of God, but they thought their gods were those useless Idols. During the time of Hajj it was a very good time for business for those who lived in Makkah as well. The bad people thought Muhammad (s)'s ‘Only One God Idea' would be bad for their business. To solve their problem, all of the non Muslim Quraysh leaders came to Waleed, who was an old and rich man. After a long discussion, the bad Waleed advised the people to spread scandals about Muhammad (s) to the new people who would come to Makkah during Hajj time. We can find this story in the Surah Mudassir. So as their plan, the bad people from the Quraysh, made some small groups to spread the bad information about Muhammad (s). They started to wait at the different entrances of Makkah. Whenever they saw the new people, they were saying, that in that town there was a man, who was claiming himself to be a prophet, and his name is Muhammad. They made up stories that he was a bad magician, so whenver he would talk, he would try to spread some new religion, which was breaking the relationship between families and friends. However, even though this was a terrible thing, all of the scandals about Muhammad (s) became helpful for Islam. Because of the bad people who started the rumors, all the new people got the news of the new prophet, and when they left after their Hajj, people in places all through the other countries also knew about that information, even though the others have never been to Makkah and never seen or heard the prophet. Because the bad people were trying their extreme best to make the new people not listen to Muhammad (s), hearing the rumors of the prophet, the new people were more interested to know about Muhammad (s). But the bad people always tried to give him a hard time. When Muhammad (s) went to the new people to talk about Islam, the very bad Abu Lahab walked behind him and would try to disturb him. After the Hajj, when people were returning to their home, others started to talk about Muhammad (s) and his mission. Very quickly all of Arabia knew about the new prophet, Muhammad (s). When the bad people's plan did not work, they tried to stop Muhammad (s). Really, how did they stop Muhammad (s)? In three different ways they tried to stop Muhammad (s). No 1: Making fun of Muslims in front of other people. No 2: The bad people trying to say that the Quran did not come from God, and that Muhammad (s) wrote the Quran all by himself. No 3: Not allowing Muslims to read the Quran in front of people. Whenever Muhammad (s) tried to read the Quran to a group of people, the nonbelievers scattered the crowd. They were saying that the Quran was a book of old folk stories. At that time one of the very bad nonbeliever Nadir bin Harith went to different places to learn different famous old stories. When Muhammad (s) was talking with the people, that bad guy Nadir began to tell all the famous old stories to the people. It was showing to the people that he could also could tell stories just like the Quran. He had lots of women slaves, so when someone started to feel Islam in their heart, he immediately gave them a slave girl with different kinds of food and drinks to stop them from accepting Islam. In each situation Allah (swt) sent all kinds of advice and answers to Muhammad (s) in order to deal with non believers. During the 4th year of the prophet hood of Muhammad (s), the bad people started to give a hard time to the Muslims. At first it started slowly, then day by day the situation went to extreme, especially in the middle of the 5th year of prophet hood. The nonbelievers felt like Muhammad (s) was always in their way because they could not harm him. Why they could not harm Muhammad (s)? Since Muhammad (s) was a very good person, and since he came from a high family status, the bad people could not say anything to him. Prophet Muhammad another source of power was his uncle, Abu Talib. In that society Abu Talib was very respected and powerful. Abu Talib was not a Muslim but always supported Muhammad (s). So the bad Quraysh leaders always tried to convince Abu Talib not to support Muhammad. One day they told Muhammad (s) if he stopped spreading Islam, then they would make him very rich. Immediately Muhammad (s) refused their offer and said if they placed the sun in his hand and the moon in his other hand, still he would not stop spreading Islam. Hearing that, the bad people became very angry.

 One of his relatives who was also mad after hearing what the prophet had said, was Abu Lahab. He was Muhammad (s)'s Uncle and his next door neighbor. Before Islam came, they had a very good relationship. Abu Lahab's two sons married two of Muhammad (s)'s daughters, Ruqayyah and Kulthum (pbut). But after Muhammad (s) started to spread Allah (swt)'s laws, Abu Lahab and his wife forced their sons to divorce their wives. 

They did this so that the prophet would turn away from Islam. At that time Muhammad (s)'s youngest son Abdullah died at a very young age. Abu Lahab had a very sick mentality. He became extremely happy because Muhammad (s) did not have any more sons who were alive. That made Muhammad (s) very sad and heartbroken. So Allah (swt) sent surah Kauther to give him a very good news and made him happy. Abu Lahab's wife was also a very bad woman. Most of the night, she put some sharp thorns in front of Muhammad (s)'s door, so he and his family like his children's feet used to be pricked and their feet used to bleed because of those thorns. She used to spread rumors against Muhammad (s) all the time. Abu Lahab and his wife were extremely very bad people. 

Allah (s) must be very angry on them. Yes Allah (swt) was very angry for them. So Allah (swt) sent surah Lahab to the prophet. When Abu Lahab’s wife, Umm Jamil, heard about this surah, Abu Lahab's wife became very angry. She took some stones with her and looked for prophet Muhammad (s) to hurt him. Abu Bakr and Muhammad (s) were sitting next to the Ka'bah. When Muhammad saw her coming, he started to read the Quran. Then a miracle happened. She saw Abu Bakr but she could not see Muhammad, so since she couldn't find the prophet she left. She was so evil that she wanted to sell her most expensive necklace just to harm Muhammad. Abu Lahab and his wife always used to give the prophet a hard time. Sometimes when he was praying, Abu Lahab put dirty goat's stomach or animal’s nasty parts all over him. Sometimes Abu Lahab threw some dirty trash in his food as well.

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