Delhi Riots 2020 by BJP

                             Delhi Riots 2020 by BJP 

Delhi Riots 2020 by BJP

Hello friends More than 46 people have been killed as a result of the riots in Delhi More than 250 people were injured and an economic loss of more than 25,000 crores has been estimated If you look at the pictures of the riot hit areas, then you will not be able to recognize whether this is India or Syria Some people say that these riots started after the inflammatory speech of Kapil Mishra when this BJP leader came and threatened people But some people say that the riots started when this man named Mohammad Shahrukh opened fire on the streets and the violence began to spread But just like any other communal riot, even here it is difficult to ascertain which side threw the first stone and who set fires first This might become clear after the investigation.

 In fact, we might probably never get to know either But there are some things that we can clearly say having observed this situation The first thing is that this atmosphere of riots was being created not since the past few weeks but since the past few months The entire campaign of BJP was based on Hindu -Muslim and Shaheen Bagh Furthermore, when the BJP leaders took out processions then they raised slogans like "Desh ke gaddaron ko, Goli maaro saalon ko" (These traitors of the country, shoot these imbeciles) Can you see the problem with this slogan? They are basically motivating the common public to pick up weapons and shoot the people that you think are traitors If this isn't stoking violence, then what is it?

They are basically motivating the public to fight and shoot one another On top of it, there were these politicians on one hand and then there was our godi media on the other hand which ran "Hindu-muslim" themes on the Television day in and day out It was him who was bringing a terrorist to Delhi (it is traitors like you, it is traitors like you) He came through the cities (...that are affected by this mentality...) The nation wants to know ( is traitors like you, it is traitors like you) The nation wants to know ( is traitors like you, it is traitors like you) when the attack took place, the Prime minister of the country And then later, the same anchors of the godi media go to the riot affected areas, consider themselves heroes and say that they want harmony and exhort people to maintain peace and not fight with one another Conditions were so terrible before elections that until the day of the elections, their workers were busy terrifying the people and telling them that they should vote for the BJP because the Hindus are in danger On the 8th, when the votes are being cast at the polling booths then people come out of the streets and walks around a fifty or hundred meters to go to the booth In those places, there were proper organised groups they had been wearing orange caps- the saffron cap and (said things like) "Hindus are in danger", "Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?" "Hindus are in danger".

"The entire country is going to get destroyed" So they had been saying this at places where the voters were passing by? "Think about the country. Think about the country." You can see the kind of hatred that was spread and an atmosphere of fear had been created So it is no surprise that the people eventually succumbed to the pressure and started to fight each other And here, I am not blaming every person in BJP because there are some genuinely good people in the party For example, Gautam Gambhir and Manoj Tiwari criticized the comments of Kapil Mishra

 In fact, when the riots were ongoing, a local BJP ward councillor kept a Muslim family safe in his house from the riots So it is not that there aren't good people in the party The only problem is that the people within the BJP that instigate violence overpower the good ones there So let us assume that first violence was instigated and then the riots began but after that, whose job is it to stop the riots and maintain law and order? The Delhi Police! The reaction of the Delhi Police during the riots was very astonishing You would expect the police to protect the citizens But videos have surfaced that show that the police themselves were pelting stones Videos of some police personnel smashing the CCTV cameras have also surfaced Look.

 They are smashing the cameras Look, they are smashing the installed cameras They are destroying cameras so that they can hide the proofs of their nefarious activities There were two cameras installed. They are smashing them Why are you smashing the cameras? Are you robbers? A fact finding report of a Civil rights group has found out that during the riots The Delhi Police did not answer any help calls between 48-72 hours So the people kept calling the Police asking for protection, to stop the riots and prevent their houses from being burned down. But there was no response from the police

 When the reporters of India today went to meet people on the ground, they too had the same response Everybody unanimously maintained that the police did nothing to stop the riots If this sounds familiar, it is because a similar thing had happened a few months ago When there was an attack in JNU, there was no response of the police even then In a way, the police was extending an indirect support to the attackers And even in this, I am not going to cast aspersions on every police officer Because there were a lot of police officers that were discharging their responsibilities in a proper manner and were protecting the people. For example, consider this case Infact, two out of the 46 people killed in these riots were police officers themselves This failure is a failure on the organizational level The Delhi Police has failed as an organization The responsibility of the Delhi Police lies with the Home Ministry. This is a failure of the Home Minister, Mr. Amit Shah that he was unable to guide the Delhi Police in a proper way. Or maybe you could say that he didn't want to do so This is the reason why a lot of people label the Delhi riots as a "pogrom" The word "pogrom" means a mob attack approved by the government, administration or the authorities Indirectly or directly, they support the mob in their attacks

The root cause of this is the police system in our country, which has become a puppet in the hands of politicians The police would react along the lines of what the ruling party wants And it is not just me saying this. Retd police officer, Prakash Singh, who is serving as chairman of the Indian Police Foundation says that the Police invariably reflects the bias of the ruling party Everybody knows today that how the police reacts depends upon the ruling party When the trust of the public in the police is shattered, then there is a sole remaining institution upon which the common man can rest his expectations And that is the country's judiciary And on 27th February, the Delhi High Court showed a beacon of hope when they delivered a judgement that They rebuked the Delhi police for not filing FIRs against Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur and against the politicians that have been delivering inflammatory speeches And they ordered the Delhi police to register FIRs against them But right on the night of the 27th February, the judge that took this decision was transferred by the government The judge was Justice Muralidhar of the Delhi High Court Although, the decision of his transfer was reached upon by the Supreme Court collegium a few weeks prior and when this decision was taken, a lot of protests took place.

 A number of lawyers protested that he should not be transferred. An honest judge like him should not be transferred But when the government took this decision on the same night of 27th February, when the Delhi High Court ordered the filing of FIRs against its ministers then it is obvious that a question arises whether the government is doing this to protect its BJP ministers? There should be no FIRs against them no matter how many hate speeches they deliver It is obvious that this question will arise And the next day, in the Delhi high court when the transfer took place, then this case was handed over to some other judge and then the High court decided that there is no need for immediate FIRs they allowed the time period of one month to file FIRs

 What is unfortunate is that even after the riots neither the godi media nor the BJP ministers who incite violence have mended their ways The deaths of the people in riots are being used for their political propaganda, politics and to spread hate in the nation Although more than 46 people have been killed in the riots but you would here more about the deaths of one or two mostly on the Tv channels, as if everything revolves around that. For example, one of these would be the death of the IB officer Ankit Sharma who was killed in an extremely brutal manner The suspect in this is the councillor of Aam Aadmi Party, Tahir Hussain It is not wrong to report this But the way in which our TV media is reporting this issue It seems as if the entire Delhi riots revolve around it And the photos of the Delhi police in which the incompetency of the Delhi police is visible, where the Delhi police is smashing CCTV cameras- are all being ignored by our national media and it is merely broadcasting this issue because it wants to spread the idea that Muslims are the attackers here and the Hindus are victims A lot of people are going to get irked by this and they are going to start their games of "whataboutism" "Where were you when the Kashmiri Pandits were being killed?"

 "Where were you when Aurangzeb came to our country? Why did you not raise your voice then?" But the reality remains that the sooner you understand this, the better it will be for our country The reality of today is that by giving inflammatory speeches and by creating an atmosphere of fear that the Hindus are in danger that you should quickly pick up arms or else our faith will perish People are being pushed towards extremism in this way that they are forced to fight and altercations between Hindus and Muslims rise These are our Hindu brothers, folks! Look the police is also with us Jai Shree Ram! Long live the police! Jai Shree Ram! The hate mongering leaders of the BJP are happily increasing the Hindu Muslim divide and are spreading hatred Look at the examples even after the riots- for instance Tejendar Bagga, a BJP leader has begun crowdfunding for Hindu victims that money should be donated as they would help the ones killed in the riots but they would only help the Hindus, they would not help the Muslims This is how they are subconsciously creating a divide between Hindu Muslims The BJP IT cell trends a call for the economic boycott of Muslims on twitter Look at their copy pasted tweets My driver was a Muslim.

 I asked my father to fire him You would think that they are actually doing this, but their copy pasted accounts are tweeting the same thing that their drivers were muslims and they asked their fathers to fire them It sounds funny how they copy paste but do notice their agenda of how to increase the divide between Hindus and Muslims With upcoming elections in Bengal, the BJP workers were caught raising "shoot them" slogans again

The police there was opposition controlled and hence they were immediately arrested by the Kolkata police But you could wonder why the BJP is doing this? Why is it creating these divides again and again? The answer to this lies sin a 2014 study of Yale which states that whenever communal riots happen and there is a fight amongst Hindus and Muslims then the vote share of parties like BJP increase Infact after every riot, the vote share of BJP increased by 0.8% This was stated by the Yale study But if there a beacon of hope in such an environment, then it lies in you in the common public During the Delhi riots, there were a lot of instances in which Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs- all came together for each other's protection For example, a human chain was formed around a school in Yamuna Vihar to protect the children going to school The Gurudwaras in Delhi remained open for all The riot victims were offered free food and shelter The Dalit communities of Seelampur blocked the roads leading to Muslim localities to prevent the rioters from reaching them

The Hindus and Sikhs came together in the Ramesh Park Area and offered protection to Muslim locals so that no harm was able to reach them Local Muslims in Old Mustafabad stood guard around a Shiv temple to prevent the rioters from attacking the temple Similarly, in Maujpur, in a locality named Bajrang bali, the Hindus kept the Muslims hidden inside the temple and kept them safe to prevent the rioters from killing them Numerous such tales were heard from a lot of regions in Delhi and from the people of Delhi When we promote unity and humanity in the country together only then peace will prevail within the country and the country can progress and only then can the forces that seek to divide the nation and antagonize the people along the lines of faith Only then can they be defeated

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