Hazrat Khadija Biography || First Wife of Prophet Muhammad

“she put stock in me when the entire world discredited and verified my reality when the entire world blamed me for misrepresentation. She offered me sympathy and steadfastness with her riches when every other person had spurned me" (The Sacred Prophet, harmony and gifts arrive)

Hazrat Khadija Biography

Biography of Hazrat Khadijah
Hazrat Khadija Biography

Khadījah, (passed on 619, Mecca, Arabia [now in Saudi Arabia]), trader who was the main spouse of the Prophet Muhammad. Little is thought about her separated from the after death records of Muhammad's life (sīrah) and lessons (Hadith).

Khadījah was conceived in the sixth century CE to traders of the Quraysh clan, which controlled Mecca. The Sīrah of ʿAbd al-Malik ibn Hishām describes her as "undaunted and honorable" and as instructing noteworthy regard inside the clan. She acquired her riches however kept on directing exchange after the passings of her folks and, as indicated by Sunni convention, of her initial two spouses. She utilized Muhammad when he was in his mid 20s to deal with a convoy to Syria and along these lines offered him marriage. As indicated by most sources, she was around 40 years of age with youngsters from her past relationships and Muhammad was around 25. That she bore him a few kids, be that as it may, proposes that she may have been more youth.

Hazrat Khadija Biography

considered the principal individual to have had confidence in Khadījah and Muhammad didn't have any children who endure youth. As indicated by the Sunni translation of the sources, they had four girls: Umm Kulthūm, Ruqayyah, Zaynab, and Fāṭimah. Fāṭimah—their lone little girl as per Shīʿīte custom—herself turned into a significant figure in Islam, and her relatives (see Ahl al-Bayt), known as sharīfs and sayyids, have assumed significant social jobs to this day.

Hazrat Khadija Biography

As per the customary sources, Khadījah offered instrumental help in Muhammad's initial prophethood. Her riches permitted him the relaxation to think, and she consoled him of the genuineness of his first disclosures. She is hence Muhammad's message. Also, she counseled her relative Waraqah ibn Nawfal, who is said to have compared Muhammad's disclosures to those of Moses, further giving Muhammad trust in his disclosures
Khadījah passed on in 619, a couple of years before the Hijra the resettlement to Medina wherein the Muslim people group started taking shape into an unmistakable sociopolitical power on its own right. Muhammad had no different spouses while she was alive and had no kids by any of his later wives.

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