Life of Prophet Muhammad Fully Explained

Life Of Prophet Muhammad


The prophet was born within the most respected tribe in Arabia, the Quraysh.His surname is Hashim after his great grandparent . Hashim was very respected and generous. He wont to lookout of the people whoever came to Makkah for Hajj and distribute food to them. He was a business man. For his business, during the winter he wont to visit Yemen and through the summer he used to go Syria. He had excellent reference to these two countries. 

One summer at Madinah he married Salma in his business trip and Salma got pregnant. After a couple of days Hashim died in Gaza, Palestine. Salma's baby boy was Shayba. Hashim's family didn't realize Salma. After eight years Hashim’s younger brother Muttalib knew about his brother's wife and son. So Muttalib brought them to Makkah. People called Shayba Muttalib’s slave, or referred to as Abdul Muttalib. He was very smart, handsome and generous like his father Hashim.

 Later Abdul Muttalib or Shayba became the leader of Quraysh. Do you remember the miracle water of the Zamzam well, which was discovered during the time of baby Ismail and his mother Hajar (pbut)? From that point , the people of the Jurham tribe began to sleep in that area. After many, a few years the people began to worship idols as their god. So, as a punishment Allah (swt) decided to dry the miracle water of the Zamzam well. 

Day by day it had been covered with stone and sand. After a while everyone forgot about the Zamzam well. It was lost for several years. One day Allah (swt) showed the situation of Zamzam well to Abdul Muttalib in his dream. He began to dig that place with one among his son. The miracle water of the Zamzam well was found. At that point Abdul Muttalib promised to Allah (swt) if he had ten sons, he would sacrifice one of his son to Allah (swt).Finaly Allah (swt) gave him ten sons. 

One day Abdul Muttalib remembered his promise to sacrifice one among his sons. But he don’t know which son he would choose. So he drew a lottery. His youngest son Abdullah, the prophet's father was selected. Everyone loved Abdullah considerably . So they offered 100 camels to be sacrificed rather than Abdullah. Then Abdul Muttalib drew lottery 3 times between Abdullah and therefore the 100 camels. Every time Allah (swt) selected the 100 camels and saved our Prophet Mohammed (saw)’s father Abdullah .Later on Abdullah got married to Amina, one the foremost honorable women in Quraysh. 

Her father's name was Wahb. Amina became pregnant after a couple of days. During that point , Abdul Muttalib sent his son Abdullah to Syria for a business trip. However about two months before Mohammed (pbuh) would change state , his father Abdullah died at Madinah, on his return journey. 

At that point he was only 25 years old. So, didn’t Abdullah see his son Mohammed (pbuh) at all? No, Abdullah couldn't see his son Mohammed (pbuh). But he knew his wife Amena was pregnant. Let’s come to story. During that point , Makkah was very famous for house of God and it became a really business center. Governor of Yemen, Abraha became very greedy to require control of Makkah. At one excuse, he was able to attacked Makkah with a really big army. With him, he had sixty thousand solders and and around 13 big elephants. 

Abraha used the most important elephant for himself. The people of Makkah became scared. Abdul Muttalib had a really strong faith in Allah (swt). He knew the house of Allah would be saved during a miracle way because they didn't had enough strength to fight Abraha’s Army. He told everyone to require all of their relations and conceal at the mountain tops. At that point prophet’s mother Amena was seven months pregnant. Then the miracle began to happen. When Abraha’s army was on the brink of Makkah, all the elephant just sat right there. Nothing could move them. Suddenly, all the elephant began to run within the other direction. Meanwhile, Allah (swt) sent many small birds with three stones. One was in their beak and therefore the other two were in their claws. 

The birds dropped their stones on Abraha’s men. The stones cut their body parts directly and killed them instantly. Their body became like mashed corn. It was a horrible moment for Abraha’s Army. Every one of them died by Allah (swt) punishment. Why did Allah (swt) saved the Kabah thereupon big miracle? At that point , Rome and Persian empires were very powerful. That miracle was the large alarm to the entire world. To warn them to not attack Makkah. 

It was an enormous welcome sign for prophet Muhammed (saw) coming to guard Allah (swt)’s house and law. Around fifty days letter our beloved prophet Muhammed (saw) was born on the 20 th or twenty-second of April, within the year of 571. It was a Monday morning. The Arabic date was 9th of Rabi Al- Awwal. But I thougt out Prophet Muhammed (s) was born at 12 Rabi Al Awwal some scholars also think, it had been 12 Rabi al Awwal within the year of 570. But most researchers consider 9th Rabi Al Awwal and therefore the year of 571 to be most accurate. But let me clear up a thing, there are two information. Rabi Al Awwal is Arbic month from Arabic calender and year 571 is from the Christian calendar. so Allah (swt) knows best about the right birth date of Muhammad (s).


Muhammad (pbuh) childhood Abdul Muttalib took the neonate to the Kaaba for Allah (swt)'s blessings. He named the baby Muhammad, which suggests "he who I praised". That was a very unique name at that time. On the seventh day his head was shaved and he was circumcised. Then Abdul Muttalib invited all of his neighbors to a dinner. During that time people of Makkah let their newborn babies live with their babysitter who lived in the hilly desert area. That made the babies stronger and healthier. 

Those babysitters used have the most purest form of the Arabic language. It also helped the babies to learn the best Arabic language. One time, some of the babysitters came to Makkah from BanuSa'd tribe to choose the babies that they would be taking care of. Halema and her husband Harith bin Abdul Uzzah (pbut) was in that group. They were very poor. On their journey that they had a really weak donkey. So they were very behind from the rest of the group. Abdul Muttalib asked every babysitter to take care of baby Muhammad (pbuh). But when they knew Abdul Muttalib could not give them enough money, so they refused him. 

They were busy to take care of the rich peoples' children. Halema was very late to reach Makkah. So she could not find any of the rich people's children. However she did not want to go back home without a baby. So she took Muhammad (pbuh) with her, and from that moment, their life changed instantly. Their weak donkey started to run fast to Halema's house. Did Allah (swt) gave any reward to Halema (R) because of Muhammed (swt)? Yes, her family was blessed by Allah (swt). Their animals started to give lots of milk and there was no more hunger in her family. 

Even during the very dry season their animals gave lots of milk but the other families couldn't even get a drop of milk from their animal. For Halima (pbuh), it was very easy to take care baby Muhammad (pbuh). She was very happy with him. After every six months Halemah took Muhammad (pbuh) to Makkah to his family. Halema breastfeed Muhammed (pbuh) up until he was two years old. She requested his mother to keep him a little longer. Muhammad (pbuh)'s family was also happy with Halema for taking care their baby in a good way because at that time Makkah was not a very healthy place to raise little kids. So Muhammed (pbuh) still continued to stay with Halima's family. One day he was playing with some children near Halema's house. He was only 4 years old when suddenly angel Jibreel, or in English, Gabriel (pbuh) came to them and held the boy Muhammed (pbuh). The other kids became scared and ran away. Angel Jibreel layed down Muhammed (pbuh) and opened his chest. Jibreel (pbuh) took out his heart and cut off some of the parts so that it would save him from Satan. Then he washed his heart with Zamzam water and put his heart back into its place.

 Everyone thought Muhammed (pbuh) had been killed. Was there any sign on his chest? Yes, his chest had the sign of the cut. Everyone was very scared. Halima did not feel safe to keep Muhammed (pbuh) with her anymore. So she brought him back to Makkah to his mother Amina. Muhammed (pbuh) got the love from his mother for the next two years. When Muhammed (pbuh) became six years old, his mother wanted to visit Madina, where her husband, Muhammed (pbuh)'s father died. Finally Muhammed (saw), his grandfather Abdul Muttalib, his mother Amina and their slave Umm Ayman started their journey to Madinah. It was around 5 hundred km of journey. They stayed over there around one month and then started their journey back to Makkah. When they reached at the middle way at Abwa city, his mother Aminah became very sick and died. 

She was buried over there. The little boy Muhammed (pbuh) lost his mother and had become an orphan. His grandfather Abdul Muttalib became very sad for Muhammed (pbuh). He loved him so much. He took care of Muhammed (pbuh) every moment for the next two years. Then a terrible thing happened. At the age of eight, his grandfather Abdul Muttalib became sick and died. Muhammed (pbuh) lost his last shelter. He became very sad without his father, mother and grandfather. His Uncle Abu Talib loved him so much. Abu Talib was poor but he was very happy to take care Muhammed (pbuh). Did Muhammad (s) showed any miracle in his young age? Muhammad (s) miracle started from his young age. One time there was a very long dry season.

 There was no rain for a very long time. Every single family had food shortage because of the drought. Since Abu Talib was the leader of the Quryash the people came to him hoping he would know what to do. Abu Talib took Muhammad (s) to the center of the town and stood by the wall of the kabbah. At that time Muhammad (s) was glowing like the sun. People saw a black cloud was over his head. Both of them started to pray for the rain. Immediately from different directions, clouds started to come and join together. Heavy rain started to pour down miraculously after a long time. Crops started to grow and Allah (swt) solved their food problem. During his childhood, was there any special sign that the people could recognize that he would be a prophet later on? Yes, he had lots of signs that he would become a prophet. 

Let me tell you one story. When Muhammad (s) was a twelve year boy. His uncle Abu Talib took him to Syria for a business trip. When they were entering the city of Bosra, a Priest saw the trees and stones bent down for the young boy, Muhammad (s). He was surprise to see that. He knew tree and stone bent down only for prophets. When they were taking a rest, the priest came to them and recognized the future prophet Muhammad (s). He held Muhammad (s)’s hand and said this boy would be a prophet and bring kindness for all people. Abu Talib was surprise and asked how he knew about that. 

He replied he had the knowledge from the bible. He also mentioned that Muhammad (s) had the seal of prophet hood which was below his shoulder, like an apple. He also requested Abu Talib to send back Muhammad (s) to Makkah for safety because if some people found out that information they might try to kill him. Abu Talib immediately sent him back to Makkah with some of his trusted people.


At the age of fifteen, Muhammad (s)’s tribe Quraish was involved in a serious fight with the other tribes. Muhammad (s) was also involved in that fight. His job was to pick up the enemies’ arrows and gave it to his uncles. Many people died during that fight. After that horrible fight all the tribes decided not to fight each other for any foolish excuses anymore. So everybody agreed with that and created a peaceful group where there were all united. They named it Hilf al-Fudul. Muhammad (s) was very active in Hilf al-Fudul to bring peace in Makkah and establish human right in the society. 

One time a guy came to Makkah to sell some items for his business. One of the bad guys from Makkah bought some items from that salesman but did not pay his money. The salesman tried in many ways to collect his money. He even went to many people so they could help him but no one helped him. Then he went to the mountain top and began to complain about the trouble. Then one of the Hilf al-Fudul member heard his complain and helped him to get his money. So, did he has any special job in his childhood? Muhammad (s) did not has any specific job since he was young, but sometime he used to work as a shepherd, animal caretaker, for some people. 

At the age of 25 his life had a new beginning. Khadijah (pbuh) was a rich noble business woman. She was married two times but both her husbands died. She had three children from her previous husbands. Many rich people wanted to marry Khadija (pbuh) because she was a very good woman. But she refused them all. As business woman, she used to hire some people as a business partner. At that time everybody know about Muhammad (s)’s faithfulness, honesty and best behavior. Khadija (pbuh) thought he would be the best business partner for her. 

She requested Muhammad (s) to be her business partner. Muhammad (s) agreed to take her money and go to Syria for business. The business was very successful. When he returned, he gave back her full money and the profits. Khadija (pbuh) was surprised to see his successful business style. Her people informed her about his good behavior, honesty, deep thinking, sincerity and faith. She was very impressed to see Muhammad (s). She really wanted to marry him and told her friend Nafisa about it. Nafisa immediately went to Muhammad (s) with a marriage proposal. After talking with his uncle, Muhammad (s) agreed to marry Khadijah (pbuh). 

At the age of 25 years old. According to most of the scholars, at that time Khadija (pbuh) was 40 years old. Some historian also believe at that time she was only 28 years old. But Allah (swt) knows the best. What Muhammad (s) gave to Khadija (pbuh) in the wedding? At wedding Muhammad (s) gave 20 camels to Khadija (pbuh) as a wedding gift. Because in Islam, man have to give a wedding gift to the wife. In their wedding, all the chiefs of the Quraysh tribe were invited, as well as everyone from his tribe of Banu Hashim were invited as well. Muhammad (s)’s uncle Abu Talib did all the formalities in the marriage. At the wedding, Khadija (pbuh) gave a young slave boy to Muhammad (s) as a gift. That young slave was Zayd (pbuh). Before he had become a slave, he was from a very good family.

 However, one day he was with his mother and while he was travelling, unfortunately some bad people caught him, and sold him at a slave market. Later one of the nephew of Khadija (pbuh) bought Zayd (pbuh) and gave him to her as a gift. At the time of Muhammad (s)'s wedding, Zayd (pbuh) was only 15 years old and right away Muhammad (s) liked him very much, and he felt like he was his own son. Zayd's family was searching for him for a very long time. Finally one day they found him with Muhammad (s) and requested him to give back their son. They were even willing to give money to him as an exchange for their son. Muhammad (s) told them, that he was free to go with his father and in return he did not want any money. 

But Zayd (pbuh) wanted to stay with Muhammad(s) and did not want to go with his family. Muhammad (s) became very happy and told everyone that, from that day, Zayd was his adopted son. Khadija was Muhammad (s)'s first wife and while he was married to her, he did not marry any other woman during her life time. So how many children did they have? Khadija and Muhammad (s) had six children, two sons and 4 daughters. In the order of their birth, the oldest was Qasim, Zaynab, Ruqayyah, Kulthoom, Fatimah and Abdullah. When Muhammad (s) turned around 30 years old, his uncle Abu Talib had a baby boy Ali (pbuh). Uncle Abu Talib had about 9 children however he was not rich. So Muhammad (s) wanted to take care of Ali (pbuh) to help out his Uncle. Ali (pbuh) loved Muhammad (s) very much, since he was just like a father to him. 10 years after the marriage, when Muhammad (s) was 35 years old, there was a very big flood in Makkah. 

The walls of the Kabbah were very old and weak, since at that time it was still the original foundation, built by prophet Ibrahim (pbuh). The walls were already weak, but the flood made the walls even weaker and there were a lot more cracks. So the Quraysh decided to rebuild the Kabbah. But before rebuilding the Kabah, they needed to break down the old walls first. The people were very scared to break the walls since it was the Holy House. So how they solved their problem? So, a good man named Waleed, encouraged the people that they were not going to destroy the Kabbah, but rather they were rebuilding the Holy house for the better. So they started their work.

 Every tribe in Makkah joined together to complete the holy task. To build the Kabah, the people hired a Roman man who was an expert to design buildings. Muhammad (s) also joined the work by carrying the stones. It was a very joyful event for the people of the Quraysh. But problem started to rise when the time came to put back the black stone in its place. Every family and tribe wanted to put back that holy black stone in its place. The crisis continued from four to five days. Different families were ready to fight each other. At that moment, an old man gave an idea, saying that whoever was the next man who would enter the gate of the Kabbah, that person would decide what to do. Everyone agreed and waited for the next person to come through the gate.

 As Allah (swt)'s plan, the next man that entered the gate was Muhammad (s).Everyone was very happy to see him because they all loved him very much. Really, he was going to solve their big problem? But he was so young at that time. How did he solve their problem? He was always very smart to solve any kind of problems. At that time, to solve their problem, Muhammad (s) asked to bring a piece of cloth like a small bed sheet. Then he placed the black stone in middle of that sheet. Next, he asked for all the head chief of each of the family members to hold on to that cloth and lift up the stone to put it back into its place. Muhammad (s) also helped them to push the stone into the right place with his own hands. Everybody was very happy with Muhammad (s)'s idea and avoided the big fight with each other.

First Revelation

Muhammad (s) was very intelligent and modest. His honesty, bravery, justice, patience, and friendship attracted everyone. During his lifetime he never worshiped any idols and he never drank any alcohol. He did not like noisy or crowded places. Whenever he stayed alone, he was in deep thinking about Allah (swt)'s creation and he tried to know about the creator of everything. When Muhammad (s) 38 years old, he decided to spend more time alone in Mount Noor, or another name was Mount Hira, which was two miles away from Makkah.

 There was a cave in that mountain top, that was around 4 meters in length and one and a half meter in width. He spent his whole Ramadan in that cave for his deep thinking about who the real God was. After Ramadan ended, he visited the Kabah first and he then went back home. During the next year, he also spent the month of Ramadan in Cave Hira. Day by day he started to go more often to the cave of Hira. In the cave when his dry food was finished, he would go to his wife Khadija (pbuh), and she would pack more dry food for him, then Muhammad (s) would go back to the quiet place, which was cave Hira. 6 months before his prophet hood, Allah (swt) started to show him several dreams, and later on those dreams would come true! The fact that his dreams would all come true, was one of the signs of his prophet hood. During that time he spent several day and night in that cave, and this habit of his continued to happen until his 3rd year of Ramadan.

 Why did he spend so much time alone in that cave? 

It was Allah (swt)'s plan to prepare him for his prophet hood. During the 3rd year of Ramadan in cave Hira, he was around 40 years old. On the 21st of Ramadan just before sunrise, that was the day when Allah (swt) selected him as the last and final prophet for all of mankind. It was Monday, August 10 in the year of 610. He was in deep thinking in his worship. Suddenly Angel Jibrael, or in English, Gabriel (pbuh) came in front of Muhammad (s) and said to him, "Read". Muhammad (s) became very scared and replied that he cannot read. Angel Jibrael (pbuh) held and pressed him very hard so that he could not breathe. After that he released him and the angel asked him again to read. Again Muhammad (s) replied that he cannot read. The angel held him and pressed him again very hard and released him. 

Then he asked Muhammad (s) to read. Muhammad (s) again said he cannot read. For the third time the Angel held and pressed him again very hard until he could not take his breathe any more. After releasing him, angel said, "read in the name of your lord and your creator, who created everything in the Universe". When the angel said these words to the prophet that was the moment when the Angel gave the prophet the first five sentence of Surah Alaq. And these were the first verses that had ever been revealed to prophet Muhammad (saw) So why did the Angel hold and press him very hard when asking him the question? That is what made him very unique and special. His miracle was that he could easily memorize anything that Angel Jibrael (pbuh) would tell him, word by word and letter by letter. In Surah Nahl, verse 102, it explains to us that the Holy Spirit and angel Jibrael (pbuh) are the same. So after seeing the Holy Spirit, Muhammad (s) became very scared and his heart was beating so fast and he was shaking so much. He immediately returned home and asked his wife Khadija (pbuh) to hold and cover him tightly.

 When he calmed down, he told her everything that happened to him. Khadija (pbuh) told him not to worry, she told him, Allah (swt) would protect him because he was a very good person. Then Khadija (pbuh) decided to take him to her very old cousin, Waraqa ibn Nawfal. He did not worship any idols and he was a follower of prophet Jesus and his Holy Book, the Bible. After hearing Muhammad (s), Waraqa immediately realized the final and last prophet which was mentioned in the Bible, in book Isaiah, chapter 29, verse 12. (Isaiah, 29:12). He also said that, it was the same Angel that Allah (swt) sent to Musa (pbuh) and he warned Muhammad (s) that his own people will start to dislike him since he would be spreading the truth to the world; and because of that, he would have to later on leave his city Mecca. Muhammad (s) was very surprised to hear that. Waraqa became sad that he could not help Muhammad (s) in his hard time because he was very old and blind. Unfortunately, a few days after that day, Warawa died. 

Many days passed, and the Angel Jibreel (pbuh) did not return. Muhammad (s) became very worried and sad. But he still continued his deep thinking about Allah (swt). One day after his prayer in the cave of Hira, he was walking towards his home. Suddenly Angel Jibrael (pbuh) called Muhammad (s) by his name and gave him a good news that he was the last prophet from Allah (swt). Muhammad (s) was surprised and saw the Angel who was very, very big. The prophet was very scared to see him like that and so he ran to his home. Khadija (pbuh) held and covered him tightly with a blanket. After he cooled down, Allah (swt) told him to remove the blanket and go to the people to tell about Allah (swt)'s orders, and this was the first 5 sentences of Surah Mudassir. And it was after this point which was the starting point of spreading Islam.

 How did Allah (swt) send the verse of the Quran to prophet Muhammad (s)?
Allah (s) gave the Surah or Revelation to Muhammad (s) in 7 different ways.
1. Through a dream.
2. Angel Jibrael, or the Holy spirit (pbuh) who would come to Muhammad (s)'s heart and give
some sentences of the Quran.
3. Angel Jibrael coming to the prophet as a human form.
4. Angel Jibrael coming to Muhammad (s) with the bell or a ringing sound and this way was
very difficult for prophet.
5. Sometimes Angel Jibrael came in his real form.
6. When Allah (swt) took prophet Muhammad (s) to the heaven in Meraj, Allah (swt) gave some
revelation to Muhammad (s).
7. In the Meraj, Allah (swt) talked to Muhammad (s) directly like when he talked
to prophet Musa (pbuh).


The First Muslims After the second revelation, which was a portion of surah Mudassir, Muhammad (s) secretly started to invite his closed family members friends to accept him as prophet and follow Allah (swt) laws. According to Ibn Kathir, the top 4 people who accepted Islam are: Khadija (pbuh) was the primary Woman, Zayd (pbuh) was the primary free slave, Ali (pbuh) was the first child, and Abu Bakr (pbuh) was the first free man who all became Muslims. 

So who was the second person who accepted Islam after Khadija (pbuh)?

 There were different opinions about that. Some scholars believe Muhammad (s)'s closed friend Abu Bakr was the second person, who became a Muslim. Other scholars believe, Abu Bakr was not in town at that time, and that he went to Yemen for his business trip. So in that viewpoint, Ali (pbuh), who was only a 10 year old boy at that time, was the second person who accepted Islam. On the opposite hand there's another opinion that each one these 4 great people accepted Islam on the same day as when Allah (swt) sent the second revelation. But Allah (swt) knows the best. For us, the main point is that they all were the great Muslims who helped Muhammad (s) spread Islam with their life from the very beginning. After a few days, Allah (swt) sent the first complete Surah, which was surah al Fatiha. 

One day Angel Jibrael (pbuh) came and showed the prophet how to wash the important parts of the body which were the steps to make Wudu. He was taught that wudu was needed in order to prepare for the prayer. At that time, when the angel was teaching the prophet how to pray, those who accepted Islam used to pray differently. They used to pray in secret, and made sure that it was in a quiet place. During the first three years, Muhammad (s) secretly spread Islam with Allah (swt)'s guide. During this time his goal was to find some good people to make them a strong believer of Allah (swt) and make them a very good Muslim. He tried to tell them not to do Idol worshiping, and explained to them that those idols were not their god. Those were just a piece of stone or mud. The true God is, the God of Adam, Ibrahim, Moses and Jesus (pbut) all. 

Spreading Islam in secret continued to happen for almost three years. However, even though he didn’t spread Islam openly at that point, people knew about his work; and since he never did it in publicly, the bad people also could not say anything about his work. So how many people accepted Muhammad (s) as a prophet? According to some scholars, by that time there were only around 130 people or less who accepted Muhammad (s) as their Prophet. When Muhammad (s) got some strong supporters, Allah (swt) ordered him to tell the people openly to everyone so they would stop their Idol worshipping and accept Allah (swt) as their God. After receiving the order from Allah (swt), during his first gathering, about 45 people came and Muhammad (s) talked about Allah (swt)'s law and order. But from the beginning, the prophet had a very bad uncle named Abu Lahab. When the prophet went out to preach in public, Abu Lahab started to shout and threaten Muhammad (s), and told him not to talk about the one and only God Allah (swt). 

So in that very first meeting, because of Abu Lahab, Muhammad (s) could not say anything to the people. So in another day he had a small gathering with the people that he personally selected, so that meant that on that day, Abu Lahab wasn't there to disturb the prophet while he was preaching. In that meeting, Muhammad (s) openly said that, he was a prophet from Allah (swt). He also told the people to do good actions because this life is very short and there is a life after our death where all of our good and bad deeds will matter.

 And at that time, Allah (swt) will judge us to see who was good, and who believed in him as the one and only God. If we are good, Allah (swt) will be happy with us and grant us heaven. Otherwise we will have to stay with the evil, which is in a very bad place. After hearing that, his very good uncle, Abu Talib, who loved him very much and took care of him starting from his childhood, told Muhammad (s) that, he would not be a Muslim.

 So, he did not help Muhammad (s) anymore? Well, even though he was not a Muslim, he promised to protect Muhammad (s) from the bad people throughout his entire life. That was a very good news for Muhammad (s) but bad for Abu Lahab who did not like that and became very mad. One early morning, when everyone was sound asleep, Muhammad (s) woke up and climbed Mount Safa. Then all the sudden in the early quiet morning, Muhammad (s) started to scream, Ya sabahah, Ya sabahah. Meaning O, morning Disaster. 

People from every house starting to come out to hear prophet Muhammad (s) because they thought that there was an enemy that was coming to attack them. Then the prophet asked, "If I tell you that behind Capitol Hill there was an enemy able to attack you, would you believe me?" Everyone said, yes, because he never said a lie. 

Then Muhammad (s) said, if you don't believe in Allah (swt), a big punishment will come to you. Then his uncle Abu Lahab became very mad and said," you called us only for that? You should die!!"This was the primary open invitation for everybody , and right then Abu Lahab threw a stone at the prophet Muhammad (s), and the people were started to leave. From that day, he started to tell people about Allah (swt)'s laws and orders in every corner of the town, and he openly started to pray at the Kabah. Many people started to feel like Islam was a logical and true religion so they accepted Allah (swt) as their only true God and Muhammad (s) as a true prophet. Soon at least one member of each family had become a Muslim. 

However, as a result those who became Muslims, their family members did not like that. So they were very rude to them and sometimes they even punished them for becoming a Muslim.


Evil Abu Lahab The bad people were getting worried because their annual Hajj was coming soon. At that time there were 360 idols in the Kabah. Many people used to come from different places before Hajj time to worship those idols. So, they did Hajj for the Idols? How come? Wasn't the Kabah the house of God? Yes, it was the house of God, but they thought their gods were those useless Idols. During the time of Hajj it was a very good time for business for those who lived in Makkah as well. 

The bad people thought Muhammad (s)'s ‘Only One God Idea' would be bad for their business. To solve their problem, all of the non Muslim Quraysh leaders came to Waleed, who was an old and rich man. After a long discussion, the bad Waleed advised the people to spread scandals about Muhammad (s) to the new people who would come to Makkah during Hajj time. We can find this story in the Surah Mudassir. So as their plan, the bad people from the Quraysh, made some small groups to spread the bad information about Muhammad (s). They started to wait at the different entrances of Makkah. Whenever they saw the new people, they were saying, that in that town there was a man, who was claiming himself to be a prophet, and his name is Muhammad.

 They made up stories that he was a bad magician, so whenver he would talk, he would try to spread some new religion, which was breaking the relationship between families and friends. However, even though this was a terrible thing, all of the scandals about Muhammad (s) became helpful for Islam. 

Because of the bad people who started the rumors, all the new people got the news of the new prophet, and when they left after their Hajj, people in places all through the other countries also knew about that information, even though the others have never been to Makkah and never seen or heard the prophet. Because the bad people were trying their extreme best to make the new people not listen to Muhammad (s), hearing the rumors of the prophet, the new people were more interested to know about Muhammad (s).

 But the bad people always tried to give him a hard time. When Muhammad (s) went to the new people to talk about Islam, the very bad Abu Lahab walked behind him and would try to disturb him. After the Hajj, when people were returning to their home, others started to talk about Muhammad (s) and his mission. Very quickly all of Arabia knew about the new prophet, Muhammad (s). 

When the bad people's plan did not work, they tried to stop Muhammad (s). Really, how did they stop Muhammad (s)? In three different ways they tried to stop Muhammad (s). No 1: Making fun of Muslims in front of other people. No 2: The bad people trying to say that the Quran did not come from God, and that Muhammad (s) wrote the Quran all by himself. No 3: Not allowing Muslims to read the Quran in front of people. Whenever Muhammad (s) tried to read the Quran to a group of people, the nonbelievers scattered the crowd. They were saying that the Quran was a book of old folk stories. At that time one of the very bad nonbeliever Nadir bin Harith went to different places to learn different famous old stories. When Muhammad (s) was talking with the people, that bad guy Nadir began to tell all the famous old stories to the people. 

It was showing to the people that he could also could tell stories just like the Quran. He had lots of women slaves, so when someone started to feel Islam in their heart, he immediately gave them a slave girl with different kinds of food and drinks to stop them from accepting Islam. In each situation Allah (swt) sent all kinds of advice and answers to Muhammad (s) in order to deal with non believers. During the 4th year of the prophet hood of Muhammad (s), the bad people started to give a hard time to the Muslims. At first it started slowly, then day by day the situation went to extreme, especially in the middle of the 5th year of prophet hood. The nonbelievers felt like Muhammad (s) was always in their way because they could not harm him. 

Why they could not harm Muhammad (s)? Since Muhammad (s) was a very good person, and since he came from a high family status, the bad people could not say anything to him. Prophet Muhammad another source of power was his uncle, Abu Talib. In that society Abu Talib was very respected and powerful. Abu Talib was not a Muslim but always supported Muhammad (s). So the bad Quraysh leaders always tried to convince Abu Talib not to support Muhammad. One day they told Muhammad (s) if he stopped spreading Islam, then they would make him very rich. Immediately Muhammad (s) refused their offer and said if they placed the sun in his hand and the moon in his other hand, still he would not stop spreading Islam. 

Hearing that, the bad people became very angry. One of his relatives who was also mad after hearing what the prophet had said, was Abu Lahab. He was Muhammad (s)'s Uncle and his next door neighbor. Before Islam came, they had a very good relationship. Abu Lahab's two sons married two of Muhammad (s)'s daughters, Ruqayyah and Kulthum (pbut). But after Muhammad (s) started to spread Allah (swt)'s laws, Abu Lahab and his wife forced their sons to divorce their wives. They did this so that the prophet would turn away from Islam. At that time Muhammad (s)'s youngest son Abdullah died at a very young age. Abu Lahab had a very sick mentality.

 He became extremely happy because Muhammad (s) did not have any more sons who were alive. That made Muhammad (s) very sad and heartbroken. So Allah (swt) sent surah Kauther to give him a very good news and made him happy. Abu Lahab's wife was also a very bad woman. Most of the night, she put some sharp thorns in front of Muhammad (s)'s door, so he and his family like his children's feet used to be pricked and their feet used to bleed because of those thorns. She used to spread rumors against Muhammad (s) all the time. Abu Lahab and his wife were extremely very bad people.

 Allah (s) must be very angry on them. Yes Allah (swt) was very angry for them. So Allah (swt) sent surah Lahab to the prophet. When Abu Lahab’s wife, Umm Jamil, heard about this surah, Abu Lahab's wife became very angry. She took some stones with her and looked for prophet Muhammad (s) to hurt him. Abu Bakr and Muhammad (s) were sitting next to the Ka'bah. When Muhammad saw her coming, he started to read the Quran. Then a miracle happened. She saw Abu Bakr but she could not see Muhammad, so since she couldn't find the prophet she left. She was so evil that she wanted to sell her most expensive necklace just to harm Muhammad. Abu Lahab and his wife always used to give the prophet a hard time. Sometimes when he was praying, Abu Lahab put dirty goat's stomach or animal’s nasty parts all over him. Sometimes Abu Lahab threw some dirty trash in his food as well.

Abu Jahl Torturing Against Muslims

One day Muhammad(s) was praying next to the Kabah. Abu Jahl told another bad guy to bring some animal nasty parts. When Muhammad (s) bowed down during his prayer, they threw all that nasty things on him and started to laugh. Then Muhammad (s)'s youngest daughter Fatima (pbuh) came to help him. Abu Jahl could never stand it when the prophet would come to the kabbah to pray and would always get very angry. One day he decided to hold Muhammad (s)'s face on the ground during his prayer. Some of his bad friends were waiting to see his evil action. But after taking few steps he saw a big fire in front of him. Abu Jahl became very scared and stepped back right away. That miracle fire protected Muhammad (s) from the humiliation in front of the people.

 What Abu Jahl used to do when someone became Muslim? 

Abu Jahl was so bad, that if any powerful people accepted Islam, he became very mad and used very bad words to insult them. But if any poor people accepted Islam, he gave them a very bad physical punishment. Another bad Quraish was Umaya. Whenever he saw Muhammad (s), he started to say bad words to the prophet. 

One day one of Umaya's friends was talking to Muhammad (s). Umaya became very upset at his friend and ordered him to go to Muhammad (s) and spit on the prophet’s face. And they were so bad that his friend actually went up to the prophet and spat on the holy prophet's face! The bad people hurt the Muslims at that time mentally and physically. At that time a black slave named Bilal (pbuh) accepted Islam with his whole heart but his owner, Umayya, did not like that. So he started to give a big punishment to Bilal (pbuh). At first the bad Umayya tied a rope around Bilal (pbuh)'s neck and dragged him outside with some help of bad street youngsters. Then they took him to a sandy area on very hot sunny day. 

The reason for that is because he wanted Bilal to suffer in the burning sun, and in the desert it’s extremely hot. They threw him to that very hot sand and put a very big rock on his chest. All that time Bilal (pbuh) was saying again and again that, God is One, God is One. With that terrible punishment he never lost his faith from Allah (swt). So as a reward Allah (swt) sent Abu Bakr (pbuh) to save him. At that time the rich Abu Bakr (pbuh) bought him from Umayya and let him go as a free man. Animal: It was very sad that non believer used to punish the Muslim for their faith to Islam. Yes, it was very sad situation. At that time, many new Muslims were terribly punished by the nonbelievers. One a Sahaba of the prophet got a terrible punishment by his own uncle. 

That bad uncle rolled up that Sahaba with a mat, and hung him over the fire. Another Sahaba, Mus'ab (pbuh) was punished by his own mother. That Sahaba came from a very rich family. After Mus'ab became Muslim, his mom became very angry and stopped giving any food or water to his own son. Soon after a while she threw him out from the house, which made it very hard for him to survive. There was another Sahaba named Ammar, and his parents (pbut) were slaved. They all accepted Islam but their owner was very bad and he did not like that they converted. Since their owner was very bad, he teamed up with the bad Abu Jahl and bad up an evil plan. During the extreme hot and sunny day, their owner tied them up outside and placed a heavy stone on top of them. Every day, Abu Jahl forced them to say bad things about prophet Muhammad (s) and say good things about their idols. But they refused to say anything bad about Muhammad (s).

 One day Ammar (pbuh)'s father died because of the extreme punishments that they were giving him. At the same time Ammar (pbuh)'s mother was very old. One day Abu Jahl became very angry for her strong faith in Allah (swt). So the bad Abu Jahl killed her with extreme pain. Her name was Sumaya (pbuh) and she was the first Muslim women killed for Islam. So, was she the first Muslim who was killed for Islam? Yes and also she was a very good black women. Then Abu Jahl started to give more painful punishments to Ammar (pbuh) day and night. With the extreme pain that he was going through, one day during a horrible punishment, Ammar (pbuh) accepted Abu Jahl order but in heart he had a very strong faith in Allah (swt) and he did not mean what he said. There was another rich women who also tortured her Muslim slave as well.

 His name was Khabbab (pbuh), and since his faith in Islam was so strong, his owner decided to punish him with a burning iron. One day the bad people forced him to lie down in the burning coal. In another situation, some of the non believers were extremely bad that one time they punished a slave women by blinding her because of her faith to Allah (swt). Later as a miracle Allah (swt) healed her eyes, so that she could see again. Seeing that, the bad people started to say that it was magic done by Muhammad (s), which was not true. Another bad non believer tied his Muslim slave, Abu Fukaihah, and took off all his clothes. Then they dragged him on a very rough rocky pathway, which took him from one place to another. Then the bad guys placed a big stone on that sahaba so he could not move at all. After that horrible punishment, he became unconscious and lost all of his sense.

 The non believers gave him that daily punishment, but he did not lose his faith in Allah (swt). After seeing many of these sufferings, that the Muslim slaves at that time had to go through, the prophet Muhammad became very sad. Some of the rich Muslims decided to buy those Muslim slaves so that they could set them free. In that case, since Abu Bakar was very rich, he did a very good job of turning those Muslim slaves free. Where Muhammad (s) used to meet with other Muslims? In those terrible times, Muslims needed a secret place for their meetings. One of the great Sahaba Al-Arqam gave up his house for the Muslims. It was next to as Safa Hill and it was very easy to enter or exit secretly because of the narrow street by his house. This was known as the house of Al-Arqam. It became the first house of Islam and the first Islamic school with Muhammad (s)'s teachings.

Death of Abu Talib & Khadija 

Muhammad house was on the east side of the Kaaba that area was called sahib ABI talib or the valley of ABI talib when the bad people started the boycott on those who helped out the Muslims Abu Talib requested all of the people from banu hashim banu Talib and all of the Muslims to move next to Muhammad salallahu alaihe salam house for his protection it was a very smart decision that 

Abu Talib took from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam safety but unfortunately because of the bad people those who agree to protect our prophet could not buy food from the market or any other people that was a difficult time for the people of banu hashim and banu muttalib along with all of the other believers of Allah because of the bad people they did not have enough food to live the cries of the starving children started to become a very normal thing in the area in that heartbreaking situation some of the non believe secretly sent some food to the relatives or friends Khadija peace be upon her nephew 

Hakim was not a Muslim at that time but he loved his aunt so secretly Hakim used to send some food to his aunt one day the bad Abu Jahal saw that and tried to stop him but with another non-believers help finally he could send some food to his aunt Khadija peace be upon her when the people who came from other places outside of Mecca to come and sell their products the bad non-believers used to buy their product with a very high price which the Muslims could not pay the non-believers were very bad and cruel was Muhammad okey in that difficult moment 

Abu Talib always worried for his nephew Muhammad at night Abu Talib used to sleep with Muhammad on one side and let one of his sons sleep on the other side that way no one could kill Muhammad during the daytime muslims used to go to talk with the non believers about Islam in that time the bad people were very rude with the Muslims but that didn't stop them because during the yearly Hajj 

Prophet Muhammad was very active with the outsiders in order to spread Islam who came from all over the Arab world for three long years Muslims had to suffer because of this terrible boycott during that time a lot of people from banu hashim bunu muttalib died from hunger the general people started to feel bad for them because of the boycott that was created when the good people were dying one by one in that situation five respected Quraysh members got together in order to stop the boycott 

Hashem was one of the main people to do that job they made a secret plan to tear up that boycott notice the next morning they went to the Kaaba when lots of people were there they started to talk about the wrong things that they were doing against Muhammad and his people they did not like the bad written agreement that was hung up anymore abu jahal became very angry when he heard that he reminded them that the written agreement was something that they could not break yet little did he know that Allah subhana Allah had already destroyed the written agreement wisdom and

 when Muhammad knew about that he told his uncle Abu Talib about that information when the bad abu jahal was arguing with the people about that written agreement Abu Talib told that Muhammed's god destroy the written agreement abu-taleb challenged if that was wrong he would no longer protect Muhammad anymore and if he was right they should stop the boycott someone went inside the Kaaba and brought the written agreement everybody saw that as a miracle the written agreement was destroyed by ants however the only words that were left was biss mikaa allah huma out of the entire agreement those were the only words that were not destroyed it was another sign for 

the Quraysh that Islam was the true religion the bad people thought that that was done by evil magic so they still did not accept Islam but alhamdulillah after three years from that day the boycott finally ended after a very long time all of the families from Banu Hashim and Banu muttalib returned to their own houses the Quraysh leaders did not like that the boycott came to an end they hated that Muhammad and the Muslims since they were bringing more and more people to Islam a few months after the boycott ended the very old abu talib fell ill at that time he was more than 80 years old but even then he's still worried about Muhammad safety one time a group of 

top five Quraysh leaders came to abu talib to a problem before his death they offered Muhammad not to say anything against her idol gods and in return they would not say anything bad about Islam after hearing their proposal Muhammad told them if they accepted his proposal the whole Arabia would be under their control and the non-arabs would honor them they were very surprised and happy to hear that and said just one thing Muhammad said just one thing and that is that they would have to accept and believe in the one and only God Allah subhana Allah and not believe in the idols they did not like that offer because they could not put their faith in just one and only

 God so they kept their faith in those 360 idol gods during the tenth year of prophethood about six months after the boycott Abu Talib became extremely sick Muhammad became very worried for his uncle because Abu Talib helped him very much but still did not accept Islam before his death Muhammad  requested him just to say la ilaha illallah which means without allah there is no god if he only said that Muhammad  could try to pray for his forgiveness unfortunately at that time abu jahal and some other bad people were there with him during his last few moments the bad people tried to convince abu talib in his very last moment not to accept Islam unfortunately 

Abu Talib did not say the Shahada before his death since he kept his father's religion it was a very very sad moment for Muhammad after that he used to pray for his uncle Abu Talib all the time later Allah sent surah Tauba verse 113 in that verse allah told him not to pray for abu talib that was a very sad moment for Muhammad Abu Talib was his strongest protection not only that another sad moment was waiting for him two months after Abu Talib's death Muhammed wife Khadija peace be upon her died during the month of Ramadan Khadijah peace be upon her was a very special person to

 Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam she believed Muhammad  prophethood from the very beginning she shared her assets with him and throughout his entire life Muhammad had children with only Khadija peace be upon her and not with any other wife's they were married for about 25 years she was a very good strength to Muhammad from the very beginning that's why she was known as the mother of the believers one day she was coming to Muhammad with food then at that moment allah subhana wa ta'ala sent gabriel peace be upon him to Muhammad to give him the good news about her paradise

Prophet Muhammad Visited Taif

When two of Muhammad (s)'s greatest supporters Abu Talib and Khadijah (pbuh) died, the bad Quraysh got the chance to insult Muhammad (s) everywhere. Once a very bad man came to Muhammad (s) and threw dust on his head. When the prophet went back to his house, one of his daughters started to cry and helped him wash out his head. Muhammad (s) told his daughter not to worry for him because Allah (swt) would always protect him. In that situation Muhammad (s) needed someone to take-care of the family.

 One day, one of his neighbor, who was a woman came to Muhammad (s) with a marriage proposal with Saudah and Aishah (pbut). Saudah (pbuh) was a widow and she had at least 5 children. She, and her ex husband became Muslims during the beginning times of Islam. During the hard times that the Quraysh were giving them, they had to migrate to Abyssinia or Ethiopia with the second group of Muslims who escaped from Makkah. After a few years her husband died. She and her family had to face a very hard time for Islam. Saudah (pbuh) was one of the great women that Allah (swt) chose as Muhammad (s)'s wife. 

So Saudah (pbuh) was Muhammad (s)'s second wife? Yes, Saudah (pbuh) was Muhammad (s)'s second wife. But Allah (swt) had another plan for the future of Islam. Every movement of Muhammad (s)'s life was important to understand the Islamic way of life. So, that meant his very private life was also very important for Muslims to know. For this great plan Allah (swt) chose Ayesha (pbuh). From her childhood, she was very bright and smart. She was also very beautiful and came from a very noble family.

 Her father’s name was Abu Bakar (pbuh) who was a very close friend of Muhammad (s) and who was also the first Khalifa of Islam. At that time people used to get married very,very early. When Muhammad (swt) lost his first wife, Khadijah (pbuh), Ayesha (pbuh) was around 6 years old. Even though she was really young, there were many people came with marriage proposals, all asking for her hand. But Allah (swt) made her a very special women in history. In the same way Allah (swt) made prophet Jesus (pbuh)’s mother Mariyam (pbuh) special. 

So for Allah (swt)'s plan Muhammad (s) had to marry Ayesha (pbuh). But she was a little girl who was only 6 years old. She did not know anything about how to take care of a family. Wait, at that time, did she even reach maturity yet? No, she had not reached her maturity at that time. That's why the prophet did not start a family with her at that time. When she reached her maturity as Allah (swt)'s plan, the prophet started a family with her. Basically in the present time, you can consider that at the age of 6 years old, Ayesha (pbuh) was engaged with the prophet. And when she was 9 years old, they started their married life as Allah (swt)'s great plan. 

She was married to the prophet for only about 9 years. During that early time, it is the best time to learn any type of education. Ayesha (pbuh) started her education when she was 9 years old, which she learned from her husband Muhammad (s)'s life and continue her education about Islam until Muhammad (s)'s death when she was only 18 years old. And that's why in history, she had the 3rd biggest collection of hadiths in Islam. And topics that covers women's issues, she had the number 1 biggest Hadith collection in Islam. 

No other wife of Muhammad (s) collected that many Hadith like Ayesha (pbuh) did. She was the greatest female scholar of Islam. MashaAllah, she did a great job for Islam! So, what happened to Muhammad (s) after Abu Talib and Khadija (pbuh)'s death? After Abu Talib and Khadija (pbuh)'s death, it was very difficult for Muhammad (s) to talk about Islam to the people of Makkah. So he decided to go outside of Makkah to invite the people to Islam. As a plan, Muhammad (s) and his adopted son, Zayd (pbuh) started their journey to Ta'if by walking. It was almost 60 miles east from Makkah. 

On his way, whenever he saw any tribe, he invited them to Islam. But the people rejected him as a prophet. Finally they reached the city of Ta'if. At first he met 3 brothers who were the leaders of Ta'if. The prophet invited them to Islam and requested to help him spread Islam to their people. But those 3 brothers became very angry and rude with the prophet and removed him out from their land. Muhammad (s) became very sad for their very bad behavior. He was in that town for 10 days. 

In that time, he met all of the other leaders and met with many people to talk about Islam. But unfortunately not even a single person accepted Islam. Instead they forced him to leave Ta'if. Animal: It’s so sad to see that the people of Ta'if were really bad! All of the bad people started to give hard time. They even let their children go to give a hard time to the prophet. On the last day, a group of very bad people and their children ran after the prophet. They started to abuse the prophet and started throwing stones at him. Because of those stones, his feet started to bleed so Zayd (pbuh) tried very hard to protect Muhammad (s).

 Both of them had to run out from that place. Three miles from that place, finally they found a garden to take a rest. At that time Muhammad (s) was very extremely tired and he had pain all over his body. It was one of the worst days of prophet Muhammad (s)'s life. He was feeling extremely sad because of how the bad people behaved with him, so he prayed to the one and only God Allah (swt) to give him strength and support him through this difficult time. He also asked Allah (swt) not to be angry with him. When the owners of the garden saw Muhammad (s) and Zayd (pbuh), they felt really bad and sent some grapes and sent it to them by one of their slaves. The prophet took those grapes and after saying Bismillah, which means in the name of Allah, he started to eat. When the prophet said the word Bismillah, that attracted the slave person.

 When the slave told him that he was Christian and he was from Nineveh, Iraq, Muhammad (s) reminded him about prophet Yunus or Jonah (pbuh), who was also from the same city Nineveh, Iraq and recited some of the Quranic verses about Yunus (pbuh). Muhammad (s) also told him, he was a prophet like Yunus (pbuh). The slave was very surprised and happy to hear that and became a Muslim. Animal: MashaAllah, a true Christian easilly recognized the true prophet from Allah (swt). After that, Muhammad (s) and Zayd (pbuh) started their journey back to Makkah. At that time Muhammad (s) was very tired and hearted broken because of the people of Ta'if's bad behavior.

 In the middle of their journey, the prophet noticed that there was a huge cloud following them. When he looked up he saw Angel Jibrael (pbuh) up there. Beside him, there was another angel. That other angel is the one who controls the mountains. They told Muhammad (s) that, Allah (swt) sent them to fulfill his wish. If Muhammad (s) wanted the angels to destroy the city of Ta'if, the angel of Mountain would destroy the city of Ta'if with the big mountains. But the prophet forgave the people of Ta'if and prayed for them to become Muslims. Jibrael (pbuh)'s visit made Muhammad (s) very happy and he became mentally stronger to spread Islam.

Miracle of splitting Moon by Prophet Muhammad

As we all know Allah (swt) created millions and billions number of creations. There are numerous creations that we couldn't ever finish counting them. Every one of his creations follow Allah (swt)'s laws. But among them only two of his creations are different and special. And those two creations are Human and Jinn. 

They can do whatever they want to do. They are liberal to do either good or bad jobs. Since all of the other creations that Allah (swt) created doesn't have that kind of freedom, on the day of judgment, for Humans and Jinns, Allah (swt) will punish those who did the bad job and give reward who did the good job for their entire life time in the afterlife. However, Allah (swt) is merciful and he doesn’t want us to go to the wrong path. So in order to guide us, he sent many prophets, so we can go to heaven and get our rewards. So what about the Jinns? Who was their Prophets? Between Human and Jinn, Allah (swt) gave the very best position to the humans. 

So Allah (swt) didn't send any prophets for the Jinns. Every single Human Prophets that were ever sent, they're also the Prophets for the Jinns. So, Muhammad (s) was also the prophet for the Jinns? Yes, Muhammad (s) was also the last Prophet for the Jinns. In this episode we will see how Allah (swt) made Muhammad (s) the last prophet for the Jinns. So let's start our story for today. It was the time when Muhammad (s) was going back to Makkah after visiting the city of Ta'if. During the middle of that journey, Muhammad (s) took rest in a place for few days. 

One morning the prophet was praying Fajr prayer. At that time a group of Jinns, who are made by fire, heard Muhammad (s) reciting the Qur'an. That group of Jinns were very amazed to hear the Qur'an from Muhammad (s). They immediately accepted Muhammad (s) as a prophet and believed that Allah (s) was their true God. When the prayer was finished, those group of the Jinns returned to their town and told the other Jinns about the new revelation, the Qur'an, and therefore the last prophet Muhammad (s). 

They told all the Jinns to simply accept Allah (swt) as their God and Muhammad (s) as their last prophet. Did Muhammad (s) realize that group of Jinn, who were listening him during the prayer? No, at that time our prophet Muhammad (s) did not know about those group of Jinns. Later Allah (swt) told Muhammad (s) about that event in Surah Ahqaf and Surah jinn. After a few days, Muhammad (s) started his journey to his hometown of Makkah. But at that time Muslims were very weak in Makkah. He did not want to enter Makkah without any protection. So he waited at Hira cave and sent a person to a number of the leaders of Makkah and requested some protection in order that the bad people couldn't harm Muhammad (s). Finally a pacesetter , Mut'im, who wasn't a Muslim, agreed to offer protection to Muhammad (s).

 Mut'im and his sons armed themselves and waited for Muhammad (s) to offer him their protection. Then, the prophet happily entered the town with their help. He directly entered the Kabah and prayed a short prayer and then went home with the help of Mut'im and his sons' protection. Mut'im did a very good job. Did he become a Muslim? No, he did not become Muslim. But Muhammad (s) was very grateful for his support. As usual, the bad people from Makkah tried very hard to prove Muhammad (s) as a false prophet. Allah (swt) showed the people many different kinds of proof that Muhammad (s) was the true prophet but the bad people still could not believe in Prophet Muhammad (s). 

One day a number of the bad people called Muhammad (s) at the Kabah. The people asked him to point out them an enormous miracle to prove his prophethood, just like the other prophets such as Musa, Saleh or Isa (pbut) all. They requested him to show Mount Safa into gold or move the mountains to a different place or break the sky and lots of other crazy demands. They promised that if Muhammad (s) could do such a thing, they might become a Muslim. The prophet prayed to Allah (swt) to show a big miracle so that the bad people would accept Islam. Allah (swt) said, that the bad people would not become Muslims, even if Allah showed them a big miracle. Because without Allah (swt)'s blessing, no one could be a Muslim. 

As Allah (swt)'s order, Muhammad (s) told them, the most powerful is Allah and a prophet is just a human. Hearing that the people were starting to think that Muhammad (s) was not true prophet, and that's why he could not show the miracle. In that situation Allah (swt) gave Muhammad (s) a special ability to point out an excellent miracle. In front of the many people, the Prophet Muhammad (s) broke the moon into two pieces. Each piece was on either sides of Mount Hira. Everybody was shocked to ascertain that and will not believe on their eyes. So they thought it must be a magic and that they broke their promise to simply accept Islam.


You know by tenth year of Muhammad (s)'s prophet hood, his life became very difficult. Because of the non believers' cruel torture and boycott, the Muslims became very weak. And later, because both his uncle Abu Talib and wife Khadija (pbuh)'s died, Muhammad (s) had lost his two of biggest supporters. Then right after that there was also the failure when he went to the city of Tai'f. According to some historians, by that time there were only around 70 Muslims all together.

 And because of that, it seemed like the prophet’s great mission was failing, which was to bring the people to the one and only God, Allah (swt). Things were getting extremely difficult, and then a great miracle happened, the Israa and Mi’raj . Those were the two miracle nights of a Journey with a beautiful heavenly baby white horse, called 'Buraq'. Israa was known as the Journey between the Ka'bah and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Palestine. During that old time the Al-Aqsa mosque was known as the Solomon's Temple. And the Mi'raj was known as the Journey between Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Heaven.

 Allah (swt) mentioned about that night in Surah Isra verse 1, or another name of that surah is Surah is Bani Israel. The details of this story is very big. That's why we found several different versions of the stories from different Sahabas in the great Tafsir Ibn Kasir. After a really long time of studying and researching this story, InshaAllah, we will try to tell you the most logical version of the story from Ibn Kasir, but as always, Allah (swt) know the best. Between the 10th and the 13th year of Muhammad (s)'s prophethood, one night in Makkah, after praying his Isha prayer the prophet was taking a rest next to the Kabah. At that time Angel Jibrail (pbuh) came with a small white horse, and it was called Al Buraq. The angel requested Muhammad (s) to ride the Buraq. 

Instantly the Buraq started to fly!! One step of the magical creature covered a great long distance. And because of that, within a very short time they reached the holy place, which was the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Then prophet Muhammad (s) went inside the mosque and prayed 2 Rakat as way to respect the Mosque . That prayer that he prayed is called Tahiyyat al-masjid prayer. Then Jibrail (pbuh) offered a glass of milk and a glass of wine to Muhammad (s) as a guest. 

The prophet rejected the glass of wine and instead accepted the milk. Jibrael (pbuh) became very happy and said that was a very good decision to accept milk and reject the wine. So, his journey was over after visited Al Aqsa Mosque? Even though the prophet was on a journey from Makkah to the Masjid-Al Aqsa, there was still another journey that was waiting for Muhammad (s). Then after they were well rested, Angel Jibriel and the prophet started their journey to the sky. 

When they reached the first sky, Jibrael (pbuh) requested the door Angels to open the sky door. After enter through the 1st door, Muhammad (s) saw our father of all mankind, Prophet Adam (pbuh). They were both very happy and gave Salam to each other. Muhammad (s) saw that all of the good people's souls were on Prophet Adam's one side and all the bad people's souls were on his other side. Muhammad (s) was very happy to see all of the good people's souls but when he saw all the bad people's souls, he became very sad and started to cry. Muhammad (s) and Jibrael (pbut) continued on with their journey to the second sky. Jibrael (pbuh) again requested the door angels to open the gate.

 After entering the second sky Muhammad (s) saw two prophets, Isa, or in English, Jesus and Yahya (pbut). They all gave salam to each other when they all met. Then Muhammad (s) and Jibrael (pbut) moved their journey up to the 3rd sky. After the 3rd sky gate opened Muhammad (s) met with the most beautiful and handsome prophet in the world which was Yusuf (pbuh). At the 4th sky Prophet Muhammad (s) met prophet Idris (pbuh). Then at the 5th sky the prophet met Haroon (pbuh). 

Great prophet Musa (pbuh) was on the 6th sky. When he saw prophet Muhammad (s), he started to cry and said his followers were less who enter the heaven. But young prophet Muhammad (s)'s more followers will go to the heaven. When Muhammad (s) reached the 7th sky, he saw prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) was resting next to Bait Al-Ma'mur Mosque, which is located directly on top of the Kaaba. Everyday only 70 thousand angels are allowed to pray in this Mosque and they get a chance only once a lifetime. 

How does the Bait Al-Ma’mur mosque look like? 

According to some scholars Bait Al-Ma'mur is looks like the Kabah. But Allah (swt) knows the best. After meeting prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), they both went to the highest point of limit in all of creation, Sidrat Al-Muntaha, the biggest tree in Paradise and also in the entire creation of the world. The size of It's fruits and leaves were extremely big. It was covered by golden butterflies. It was so beautiful that no one can ever explain it.

 Over there Muhammad (s) saw Jibrael (pbuh) in his real form and shape. He was very big and and the prophet saw that Angel Jibrael has 600 wings. At that point Allah (swt) talk to Muhammad (s). According to some scholars, Angel Jibrael (pbuh) stopped there and Muhammad (s) went beyond the tree to talk to Allah (swt).

 But Allah (swt) knows the best. Did Muhammad (s) see Allah (swt) with his own eyes? No, Muhammad (s) did not see Allah (swt). No human eye cannot ever see Allah (swt). Allah (swt) talked with him like Musa (pbuh) and gave a special message to the Muslims.
Allah and Muhammad (s) were there talking about the daily prayer.From Sahih Muslim Hadith we know, At that point, Allah (swt) gave 3 things to Muhammad(swt).
1. Daily prayer for Muslims.
2. The Last two verses of the Surah Baqara.
3. The Merciful Allah (swt) would forgive every sin of Muslims, but if some ones makes any
partner with Allah (swt), he will not forgive their sins. 

At first the daily prayer was fifty times a day. After receiving Allah (swt)'s message, Muhammad and Jibrael (pbut) started their journey to come back to the earth. On their way Musa (pbuh) stopped them and wanted to know what the special message was. When Musa (pbuh) knew about the fifty times daily prayer, he advised Muhammad (s) to go back to Allah (swt) and request to have less of daily prayers.

 Muhammad (s) did not know what to do. Then he turned to Jibrael (pbuh) for his advice. Jibrael (pbuh) told Muhammad (s) that he can go back and request for less prayer. So then they went back to the Sidrat Al-Muntaha and requested Allah (swt) for less number of prayers. Allah (swt) accepted his request and lowered it to 10 times of daily prayers and then started their journey to Makkah. Again Musa (pbuh) stopped them and advised him to ask to make it less daily prayers. Muhammad (s) again went back and requested Allah (swt) for less prayer. 

This time as a gift to Muslims, Allah (swt) gave only five times of daily prayer. Again on the way Musa (pbuh) stopped them and advised for less. He told Allah (swt) asked to do less for his people but still his people did not do their duties. At that point Muhammad (s) did not feel comfortable to go back again and ask for less daily prayers. Suddenly Allah (swt) voice told it was a easy order to follow for us( in his head). 

Allah (swt) also said that if we pray our 5 times prayer a day, Allah (swt) will give us the same reward as praying 50 times a day. And his order is final. So, did he see any other things during the Journey? During the journey of the Mi’raj, Jibrael (pbuh) showed hell and heaven to Muhammad (s). 

Scholars had different opinion about that but Allah (swt) knows the best. Jibrael (pbuh) showed the most beautiful Kawusar river and stream, which Allah (swt) gave Muhammad (s) as a gift after his youngest son Abdullah died. On his journey he also saw the angel named Malik without smile, that was the angel who was the guard for hell. In different Hadith we know Allah (swt) showed some examples for bad people's punishment. Muhammad (s) return to Al-Aqsa Mosque before the morning prayer, Fajar time. All the prophet were coming and got together for morning prayer. Fajr prayer was the first mandatory prayer that Allah (swt) gave to Muhammad (s) little early. 

Angel Jibrael (pbuh) asked Muhammad (s) to lead the prayer, and because of that it was (proof) indication that prophet Muhammad (s) was the leader of all the prophets. Then after the prayer Jibrael (pbuh) and Muhammad (s) started their Journey to Makkah. On their way Muhammad (swt) saw a group of people who were coming to the Makkah. They return back to Makkah before sunrise. This is the end of Muhammad (s) miracle journey of the Isra and the Mi’raj.


Muhammad (s), Abu Bakr, his servant Amir and therefore the expert travel guide, Abdullah, began their journey to Madinah during the night time. At first they started their journey south. Then they were moving west toward the Red Sea . Before reaching the Red Sea , they started their journey to the north toward Medina. After traveling an entire night and half subsequent day, all of them became very tired and took a break. Muhammad (s) rested next to an enormous rock where he decided to require a nap. In the meantime, Abu Bakr (pbuh) collected some milk from a local man who was taking care of his sheep.

 After they were all done resting for a while, they drank fresh milk and started their journey again. On either on the second or third day they reached close to the town Qadid, which is 130 km for Makkah. Since they were travelling for many days, they were all very thirsty and hungry from their long journey. On the way, they saw a woman and asked if she could give them anything to eat or drink. She became very sorry and told them that she didn't have any food for them. At that moment, she only had alittle goat together with her , but it had been so weak, it didn't give any milk.

 The prophet asked permission from the ladies , to ascertain if he could milk the goat and when he did, as a miracle, that tiny weak goat began to give many milk. The prophet filled a large bowl with milk. At first he let the lady drink the milk. After her, everyone else drank the milk and they became full. When all the milk was finished, the prophet milked the goat again and left the bowl filled with milk for the woman. Afterwards when the woman’s husband returned home, he became very surprised to see the bowl filled with milk. When the husband heard all the descriptions from his wife, the man recognized that man was Muhammad (s) who was a true prophet. On the third day, something strange happened in Makkah. 

The people heard an echoing sound within the middle of the streets. The people couldn't find out where the voice was coming from because, that voice was coming from an Angel. That angel was telling the people of Makkah the successful escape story of the prophet. The voice of the Angel was also saying how the people of Makkah missed their big opportunity and their luck. When the prophet and his people left the town, Qadid, a person named Suraqa heard about them. He made an evil plan to capture the prophet and Abu Bakr (pbuh) and take them back to Makkah just so he could collect the big reward.

 As a plan Suraqa took all of his weapons and his horse to catch them but suddenly he fell to the ground. He was very surprised and thought that maybe it was just bad luck. But he still wanted to win those 100 camels as his reward. He again sat on his horse and went after the prophet to catch him. Just when he was very on the brink of them, he heard the prophet reciting from the Quran as he was walking without any worries. The prophet didn’t even look back. But Abu Bakr (pbuh) became very scared and looked back. At that point suddenly, the horse’s legs sank into the sand and Suraqa fell into the ground. He tried very hard to tug the horse’s legs out of the sand. 

When he did pull up the horse’s legs, dust started to rise from that hole, which looked like smoke. He immediately realized that something was wrong. Finally, he realized that it had been impossible to catch the prophet. He gave up and wanted to assist the prophet and his people by giving some food. However, the prophet didn't accept it and requested Suraqa to not tell the people about their location. Suraqa kept the prophet’s request and didn't tell anyone about the prophet’s location. Along the way the prophet met a gaggle of 70 to 80 travelers and their leader was Burida. After seeing the prophet they all accepted Islam and prayed their evening prayer together. Burida and his group kept on going but later on he and his people moved to Medina after the Battle of Uhud to join the other Muslims. Later, as the prophet reached the town of Arj, the prophet met Abu Tamim along his journey. He also became a Muslim. When the Abu Tamim met the prophet, he noticed that one of their camels became very weak. So Abu Tamim gave the prophet another camel, along side a servant named Mas’ood to assist the prophet reach Medina. 

When the prophet reached the valley of Reem, he met Zubayr (pbuh) with some Muslims who were returning from a business trip in Syria. Zubayr was so happy see them, that he gave some white clothes to the prophet and Abu Bakr (pbuh) as a gift. Finally, after seven long days of their journey, on Monday 8th Rabiul Awal, or within the English 23rd of September, within the year of 622 AD, prophet Muhammad (s) reached the town of Qubaa, which was the border town of Medina. 

The Muslims from Medina and the surrounding areas were anxiously waiting for Muhammad (s). Every day, they went out in the open hilly area and waited for Muhammad (s) until noon-time. When it was noon time, the sun was directly on top of them so they became very hot and returned to their homes. One day the people returned to their homes after waiting for a long time for the prophet. A Jew went on top of a hill to a hill and suddenly from the distance he saw a small group of individuals who were wearing white clothes , as they were coming to the direction of Medina. 

That Jewish man called bent the Muslims to inform them the great news. All of the Muslims ran out from their homes to ascertain the prophet from afar and while making sounds to welcome the prophet. The Muslims of Qubaa were also making the welcoming sound for the prophet. So he stopped there within the town of Qubaa, and turned to the proper which was the tribe of Amr bin Auf. Muhammad (s) became very happy to see the Muslims' reception. Almost all of the people from Medina and Qubaa came to see him. During the 14th year of prophet hood finally Muhammad (s) saw that Islam found it's first safe place. He stayed there for 4 days in the house of Kulthoom. By that time Ali (pbuh) also came from Makkah to Qubaa and meet Muhammad (s).

 In that time the prophet started the primary mosque of Islam in Qubaa and prayed there with the Muslims. Today that Mosque called the 'Masjid Quba'a'. On 5th day, which was Friday, many of us came from Madina to welcome Muhammad (s) to their own town Medina. On the way it had been the time to wish the Friday group prayer. Muhammad (s) led the prayer with a few hundred of Muslims around him. The place where the prophet led the jummah prayer was later made into a masjid called ' Masjid al jummah'. After the Jummah prayer Muhammad (s) started his journey again so he could finally enter the blessed city. 

Before the city of Medina was called Yathrib. However, after the prophet entered the city, the people started to call the city, 'Madina tur Rasul' which meant, the city of the prophet. So in short people called it Madina. Happy crowds of men, women and children were waiting and welcome the last prophet Muhammad (s). As he made his entrance, they sang their beautiful welcoming song and even today, Muslims sing the same song within the happy memory of that day.


the Muslims tried to show that they were not weak anymore, and so the people of Makkah should stop messing with the innocent Muslims. During the second year of the Hijri, or the 2nd year of the Islamic calendar, in the 5th month (Jamad Al-Ula), Prophet Muhammad (s) took more than 150 Muhajireen, who were Muslims from Makkah, and went to the west, next to the Red Sea to the city of Ushayrah to fight back with one of the Quraysh's biggest business group, who were going to Syria. Abu Sufyan was the leader of that business group. 

Unfortunately, that business group left that place a few days before Muhammad (s) reached there. But luckily, when returning back from that journey Muhammad (s) made some friends with some new tribes. A month later, the Prophet originally sent 12 Muhajireen, but since 2 of them lost their camel, only 10 of them went to a town very close to Makkah, which was the city of Nakhlah. That place was between Makkah and Ta'if. 

During that time it was the 7th month of the Arabic calendar, which was the month of Rajab in the 2nd Hijri. Before Prophet Muhammad (saw) many centuries ago, Allah (SWT) selected the month of Rajab for Umrah to visit the Kabbah for worship. During this month, for the safety of those who wanted to visit the Kabbah, no fighting or war was allowed. The only reason why the Prophet sent those Muslims to Makkah was so that they could get some information about the Quraysh and their business travel plans, but unfortunately, when the Muslims saw a small Quraysh business group, they attacked the Quraysh and killed one person.

 They also arrested two of the enemies and brought them back to Madina with them. When Prophet Muhammad (s) heard about what had happened, he became very upset. He immediately freed those arrested enemies and paid a fee for their mistake to the family of the person who was killed accidently. After that event, the Quraysh used that opportunity and spread scandals against the Muslims because they broke Allah's law by attacking the people in the Holy month of Rajab. It was a very uncomfortable situation for the Muslims. Allah (SWT) then sent Surah Baqara verse 217 about that situation and said that it was bad to fight in the month of Rajab. But then Allah (SWT) also said in that ayah, that the Quraysh were killing many innocent Muslims and throwing them out of their own houses which was even worse. 

After that, Allah (SWT) sent many Quranic sentences to give as guidelines of how to deal with the evil people. If the evil people wanted to fight, Muslims would also have to fight back with them. If they want to become friends, Muslims also should accept their friendship. Around that time, about 2 weeks before Ramadan, something very important happened in Islam. Before, the Muslims used to pray their prayer towards the direction of the Al Aqsa mosque in Palestine. But from that day, Allah (SWT) changed the law for the Muslims, and told them in Surah Baqara verse 144, to pray their prayers towards the direction of the Kabbah in Makkah. Some Jewish people who claimed themselves as Muslims did not like the new law from Allah (SWT). 

That’s because they were false Muslims, and because Allah (swt) changed his laws, it helped the Muslims know who fake Muslims were and who the real Muslims were. AWhy were the Jewish people who claimed themselves as Muslims not happy with the new law? It’s because all of their prophets used to pray in the direction of the Al-Aqsa mosque. Since they were used to praying in that direction for many many years, they were not happy with the change. During the same month of Shaban, Allah (SWT) gave another law in Islam that, every healthy Muslim would have to fast during the entire month of Ramadan. Before that law, fasting was not mandatory for Muslims. 

The Quraysh were very angry at the Muslims for their bravery. They realized that their business route to the north was not safe anymore because of the Muslims in Madina. So the evil Quraysh wanted to attack Madina and kill all the Muslims to make their business route safe. It was a foolish decision for the Quraysh to attack Madina, because they could’ve easily became friends with the Muslims, but instead their arrogant wish was to kill all the Muslims in Madina. During the next month which was Ramadan, in the 2nd Hijri or second Islamic year, in the year of 624, one of the most important events happened in Islam. This was the famous Battle of Badr. Abu Sufyan's business group was returning from Syria with lots of business items. It was a very big business trip for the people of Makkah. Almost all of the rich leaders from Makkah invested their money with Abu Sufyan in that business trip. Abu Sufyan was a very smart businessman. 

He was very careful to avoid the Muslims in order to protect his business group. When Prophet Muhammad (s) got the news about Abu Sufyan's business group,the prophet took around 313 Muslims with him to stop Abu Sufyan’s business group, in order to give them a message to stop messing with the Muslims. So if the people of Makkah were the superpower in the land of Arabia at that time, why did the Prophet only take 313 Muslims to fight with the strong Quraysh? No, he did not want to fight with anyone. That's why he did not take all of the Muslims with him. He wanted to bring peace between the Muslims and Quraysh. His plan was to scare the Quraysh so the Quraysh would stop killing the innocent Muslims and let the Muslims live in peace. Prophet Muhammad basically wanted to establish Allah (swt)'s law, so that everyone would have their own right to follow their own religion freely. No one should ever give a hard time to anybody for their religious belief.

 That's why he had only 313 Muslims, two horses, and only 70 camels for their journey. Because there weren’t that many camels, they had to share the camels for their ride to the place of Badr, next to the Red Sea. It was around 90 miles south-west of Madina. In that Muslim group, there were only 82 Muhajireen, which were the Makkah's Muslims and around 230 were the Ansar, who were Madina's Muslims. Why were the Muslims trying to go to the place of Badr? Badr was surrounded by high mountains with some water wells, and for travelers like them, it was the best place to take rest on the way.

The Prophet knew that Abu Sufyan's business group would take rest in the place of Badr. Abu Sufyan had 40 people, 100 camels and lots of expensive business items. When Abu Sufyan heard that, the Muslims made a plan to attack his caravan, he became very scared and did not follow his usual route. He quickly changed the route and sent one of his people to Makkah to get some soldiers to save his expensive business items. When the Quraysh heard the news, they became very angry and got ready to protect Abu Sufyan and his business group. 

They quickly gathered 1,300 soldiers. Almost all the leaders from Makkah joined that group. The only leader who didn’t join the group was Abu Lahab, and since he didn’t go, he sent one of his men instead to fight in his place against the Muslims. All of the tribes joined the army except for one family group from the Quraysh, the Banu Adiy. Abu Jahl was one of the main leaders of the Quraysh during the battle and he was very excited about that mission, since he didn’t like the Muslims. When the bad Qurayish reached the middle of their journey, at the place of Rabigh or Juhfa, the Quraish got the message from Abu Sufyan that his business group was saved and the army should return back to Makkah. 

However, Abu Jahl did not like the idea of returning to Makkah because he wanted to destroy the Muslims. So he was able to convince almost all the people to fight with the weak Muslims. Originally, the Banu Zahra family group went to fight in order to protect the business group, but later on they did not agree with Abu Jahl so they backed down because they didn’t want to destroy the Muslims for no reason. So because of that almost 300 soldiers from Banu Zahra returned to Makkah. Then Abu Jahl continued his journey with remaining 1000 soldiers to fight against the Muslims. Finally, they set up their camp behind the Mountain of Badr area. When Prophet Muhammad (s) heard that the Quraysh were coming to destroy the Muslims, he immediately set up a meeting with the Muslims soldiers and their leaders. At first, some of them were scared to fight with the strong Quraysh soldiers. But when they heard Abu Bakr, Umar and Miqdad (pbut)'s opinion everyone became mentally strong to fight with their strong enemies. These three strong Muslim leaders were the Muhajirin, who were from Makkah.

 However two third of the entire group of men were the Ansar, those who were from Madina. So Prophet Muhammad (s) wanted to know, what the Ansars were thinking. Then one of the Ansar's leaders Sa'd (PBUH) said he strongly supported the Prophet's decision. With Allah (swt)'s blessing, everyone else agreed to fight with the bad Quraysh. For more detailed information about this event we can find information at the beginning of Surah Anfal. This fight was very important for the Muslims. If the Muslims were scared to fight with the bad Qurayish, Islam would’ve been very weak, which meant that the Quraysh would go to Madina to kill all the Muslims and no one would have any faith in the power of Islam. Muhammad (s) started his journey with those brave Muslims to the place of Badr and arrived there the same night as the Quraysh. The Muslims set up their camp at Badr. Compared to the Quraish, the Muslim army was very small.

 So because of that it was important for the Muslims to come up with a smart strategy that would help them win. But one expert solder Hubab (PBUH) requested Prophet Muhammad (s) to move forward the camp, so they could control the majority of the water wells. He also requested to fill up all the water wells using stones and to kept one water well for themselves, so the enemy could not get any water. Hearing this, Prophet Muhammad (s) accepted Hubab's (PBUH) brilliant advice, because they needed all the strategies that they could possibly do especially since the Muslims weren’t even ready to go to battle. He also sent 3 brave Muslims, Ali, Zubaer and Sa'd (pbut) to get some information about their enemies. Those brave Muslims went very close to the enemy’s camp, and found two slaves were carrying some water. 

So they immediately arrested them and brought them to the prophet. From those slaves Muhammad (s) got some important information about their enemies, like how many soldiers they had and who were in that battle group. The Muslims also made a small tent for Muhammad (s) from where he could give direction to his in the battlefield. When all of the preparations were completed, Muhammad (s) started to pray for the Muslims’ victory and blessing from Allah (s). Allah (s) accepted Prophet’s request and promised that at the battlefield one thousand angels would come to help the Muslims gain their victory.

 Did Allah (SWT) really send one thousand angels to help the Muslims? Yes, you can find this information in Surah Anfal, verse 9. But how they helped the Muslims we don't know. There are different opinions from the scholars, but only Allah (SWT) knows the best. During the night Allah (SWT) gave them a blessing rain in order to purify the Muslims and to give them mental strength.Then Allah (swt) miraciously made everyone fall asleep so that they would be refreshed in the morning and would have full energy to fight with the enemies.


The Day of Badr was on Friday, the 17th of Ramadan during the 2nd Hijri. In this battle prophet Muhammad (s) was the main leader or the commander in chief of the army. Abu Bakr, Hamza, Umar and Ali (pbut) were the battlefield commanders. In the morning, Muhammad (s) setup the Muslims' army in a very good way. When the enemies saw the Muslim soldiers all setup, Allah (swt) put fear in their hearts, even though the Quraysh’s army was way bigger than the Muslims.

 Because of the fear that Allah (swt) put in the Quraysh’s heart, they became very scared to fight with the Muslims. But the bad Abu Jahl brainwashed all the Quraysh to fight with the Muslims. Both battle groups positioned themselves face to face. The prophet ordered the Muslims not to start the fight at first. If the enemy started the fight, only then would the Muslims start their fight. He also advised them to stay in their position. 

And when the enemies would come closer to fight, they could use their arrows. When the enemies came extremely close, only then they were allowed to use swords. But of course the battle started by an arrogant bad Quraish. He wanted to take control of the Muslim's water well all by himself. So he started to fight with Hamza (pbuh) and finally died. It was the first death at the battle of Badr. Before the battle began, the bad Utbah took his brother Shayba and his son Waleed to challenge against the Muslim. So from the Muslim army, 3 Anser came forward to fight against them. 

Utbah started coming forward but then just as he was about to fight, he realized that he didn’t recognize any of those Muslims because they were the Muslims from Medina. So then he said that he want to fight with the Muslims from Makkah. Then Muhammad (s) send Hamza, Ali and Ubaydah (pbut) to fight with the enemies. Hamza (pbuh) easily destroyed Shayba, Ali (pbuh) also easily destroyed Waleed. But Ubaydah (pbuh) and the bad Utbah were still fighting against each other. Hamza and Ali (pbut) then came to help and destroyed the evil Utbah. Ubaydah (pbuh) got hurt very badly and after 4/5 days later he died. Within few minutes (just after) when the Quraysh lost their 3 best fighters, they became very upset and attached the Muslims with their full strength. As planned before, the Muslims did not move from their place. 

When the enemies came closer, the Muslims started to strike their arrows and started to say loudly "Ahad, Ahad"" or One, One" Immediately all of the sudden, the enemies started to lose their life. And that made the enemies feel weak mentally. When the enemies were very close to the Muslims, Prophet Muhammad (s) took a handful of dust and threw it onto the enemies and prayed to Allah (swt) to destroy their face. He then ordered the Muslims to fight with the enemies in the name of Allah (swt). The Muslims were mentally very strong and focused, and with Allah (swt)’ blessings, it was very easy for them to destroy the enemies one by one. It was a very horrible moment for the bad Quraysh, because they had to fight with the Muslims along with a thousand of unseen Angels.

 Even though the prophet was the commander in chief for the Muslims, there was a point where the prophet came out into the battle field in order to encourage his people. At that point, Allah (swt) sent Surah Kamar, verse 45 to give the good news of the Muslims’ victory. After they saw prophet Muhammad (s) in the battlefield, the Muslims’s army got more excited and fought like the strongest army in the world.

 When the Muslims fought the battle with the stregnth of a lion, all the sudden the Quraish were very confused. Because Iblis wanted the bad people to win the war, in that battle,Iblis also joined by taking the shape of Suraqa. However, when he saw the army of angels, he ran away from the battle field into the Red sea. Animal: Did Iblis really come to fight with the Muslims? Yusuf: Yes, in surah Anfal, verse 48, Allah (swt) mentions that Iblis escaped from the battlefield. On the other hand, as the comander of chief from the Qurayshs’ side, Abu Jahl was giving directions to his soldiers of the Quraysh army. Abu Jahal, was very protected by many soldiers. No Muslim could come near him. At one point, two young Muslim boys came to Abdur Rahman (pbuh), who was from Makkah, to show them who Abu Jahl was because they both wanted to destroy the most evil man from Quraysh. 

Both of the young boys attacked Abu Jahl and he fell out from his horse. Of the two boys, who went to attack Abu Jahal, one of them, Mu'adh ibn Amr, was injured by Abu Jahl's son and lost one of his hand. Along with him the other young boy, Mu'adh ibn Afra, died in that battlefield. Abu Jahl was badly injured and was lying on the battleground. Abdullah bin Mas'ood finally destroyed that evil guy, Abu Jahal, who was the greatest enemy of Islam. After Abu Jahl’s death, the Quraysh soldiers became scared and tried to run away from the battlefield. Unlike any other battles, these soliders were not fighting for land, money or honor, because they were fighting over the belief over the one and only God.The Muslims had to fight against their fathers, uncles, brothers, cousins, friends and even their own sons. Umar (pbuh) had to kill his maternal uncle Aas and Abu Bakr had to fight with his own son. And even in that war, the Prophet's uncle Abbas was captured as well. Fourteen brave Muslims died during the Battle. 

6 were Muhajireen, the Muslims from Makkah and 8 were Ansar, the Muslims from Madina. They were buried at Badr and that area is still marked even to this day. On the other side, 70 bad Quraysh were killed and 70 soldiers were arrested by the brave Muslims. Out of those people who died, most of them were from different tribe's leaders and important people from the Quraysh. So because they were extremely bad people who made the Muslims suffer, those dead Quraysh bodies were thrown into a bad smelling well. 

After the battle was over, the Prophet Muhammad (s) stayed in Badr for three days to make sure that the Quraysh wouldn’t come attack again. Before the prophet left Badr, he called all the souls from the dead Quraysh leaders and told them that, how terrible their luck was just because they did not accept the one and only true God Allah (swt). And he told them that Allah (swt) had kept his promise and gave the victory to the Muslims.

Victory of Makka

By the middle of the 8th Hijri year, Muslims controlled the Jews by winning the battle of Khaibar and Bedouin with different sudden attacks and controlled the Quraysh with the Hudaybia peace agreement. Now Allah (SWT) wanted the Muslims to control Makkah permanently and take over the most holiest place, the Kabah. 

As you remember the Hudaybia peace agreement had two sides. One side was Madina which were the Muslims, and the other side was Makkah which were the Quraysh. And also any other tribes could join with the Quraysh or Muslims and agree to also bring peace. Banu Khuzaa and Banu Bakr used to hate and fight each other for a long time. They both agreed to the Hudaybia peace agreement. So Banu Khuzaa joined with the Muslims while Banu Bakr joined with the Quraysh. The peace agreement made both of the sides promise that they could not attack one another for ten years.

 After Banu Bakr joined with the Quraysh’s group, they thought that it would be the best opportunity to take revenge and destroy the Muslim’s friend the Banu Khuzaa tribe. In that situation, the Quraish of Makkah was supposed to stop their friend the Banu Bakr tribe so they wouldn’t break their promise that they made with the Hudaybia peace agreement. But unfortunately, the bad Quraysh started to support the Banu Bakr Tribe's evil plan by giving their men and weapons. The very bad son of Umayyah, Amr and Abu Jahl's sons joined the Banu Bakr tribe and attacked the Banu Khuzaa tribe at night and destroyed around 20 to 30 men. Some of the Banu Khuzaa men tried to escape and took shelter at the house of Allah, the Kabah. Everybody knew it was the safest place on the earth. 

No one was allowed to destroy anybody in that area. But the evil Quraysh even broke that law and destroyed some of the Banu Khuzaa men who took shelter in the Kabah. That evil attack broke and ruined the Hudaybia Peace agreement. Some leaders from the Banu Khuzaa tribe came to Prophet Muhammad (saw) and told him about the attack. The prophet promised to help them. By that time the Quraysh started to become scared about doing their evil job and sent Abu Sufyan to renew the Peace agreement. At first, Abu Sufiyan went to his daughter Ramla, known as Umm Habiba (r) who was one of the prophet's wives.

 She even did not let her father Abu Sufyan even sit on her bed and completely ignored him. Then he went to the Prophet Muhammad (s) but the prophet did not talk to him. Abu Sufyan then tried to talk to Abu Bakr, Umar, and Ali (R). But everybody ignored the most powerful leader in Arabia. When Abu Sufyan did not get any respect from the Madina Muslims, he realized that his time was over. To make Abu Sufyan look foolish, Ali (r) told him to go to the Prophet's Mosque and tell the people that he was keeping the peace agreement. But what he said made no sense since it was up to Prophet Muhammad(s) to decide if he wanted to keep the peace agreement not him. Abu Sufiyan immediately left Madina and told his people what had happened. 

They laughed at how Ali (r) made him a look like a fool since what he said didn’t make any sense. As soon as Abu Sufyan left the Madina, the Prophet ordered the Muslims to prepare for a battle against the Quraysh and start their journey immediately. On Ramadan 11, 8 Hijri, Muslims started their journey with a very big army. On the way, more Muslim soldiers were joined from different places with the Prophet(saw). Finally, it became a very big army of ten thousand soldiers. On the journey, the prophet met Abbas (r), who was moving to Madina with his wife and children after becoming Muslims. The prophet took Abbas (r) with him and sent his family to Madina for safety. Muslim soldiers were moving very fast. Coming from Medina to Makkah it took them about a week, during the night time, they reached Marr-az-Zahran to set camp which was only 8 miles away from Makkah and planned to attack Makkah the next morning. 

For safety, the prophet ordered to make ten groups with one thousand people in each group. He told each group to set a different camp and light their own campfire to show anyone that saw them that the Muslim army was very big and strong. Umar (r) was in charge to manage all of that. The Makkans did not know the Muslims were coming to attack them. When the people of Makkah suddenly heard about the very big Muslim army that was waiting to attack them, they became very scared and did not know what to do. Abu Sufyan came out to look at the Muslim Army from a distance. He became very surprised to see, how the prophet collected such a large army in such a short amount of time. 

The prophet told Abbas (r) was to go to Makkah to warn the Quraysh so they could be prepared and get safety. On his way to Makkah, he saw and met Abu Sufyan. Abu Sufyan asked Abbas(r) on what he should do to protect his people. Abbas (r) let Abu Sufyan ride his donkey and brought him to the prophet. When Umar (r) saw Abu Sufyan, he wanted to destroy him right away. But Abbas (r) stopped him and quickly took Abu Sufyan to the prophet Muhammad (s)’ camp. Umar (r) came behind them and asked permission from the prophet to destroy Abu Sufyan the most powerful leader and a disbeliever of Makkah. Abbas (r) said he already gave protection to Abu Sufyan. Umar (r) again asked permission from the prophet to destroy Abu Sufyan. But finally, the prophet told Abbas (r) to give Abu Sufyan shelter and keep Abu Sufiyan in his camp. In his heart, Abu Sufyan knew that Allah (SWT) was always be one and only God and Muhammad (s) is the true prophet.

 The next morning when Abu Sufyan was brought to the prophet he accepted Islam and became a Muslim. To show Abu Sufyan respect and honor the prophet said, whoever entered the house of Allah would be safe, who entered the house of Abu Sufyan would be safe, who shut their doors would be safe and whoever would be unarmed without any weapons would be safe. Abu Sufyan became very happy. The prophet ordered Abbas (r) to take Abu Sufyan to a hill to show the big Muslim army who were marching up and down the hills towards Makkah with their heads held high. Different tribes were moving with their tribal colors. He was thinking about how Allah (SWT) helped the Muslims and made them so successful. He quickly went back to Makkah and told all the people the good news that the Muslims would not harm anybody if they didn't fight. Hearing the good news everybody went to their houses and closed the door. When the Prophet Muhammad (s) came close to Makkah, he ordered Khalid bin Waleed (r) and his soldiers to enter the Makkah through the lower side and wait for the prophet at Mount Safa. The prophet also ordered Zubayr (r) and his soldiers to enter through the upper side of Makkah and wait at the Hajoon area. 

The Prophet ordered Abu Ubaydah (r) and his soldiers to go through the valley and enter Makkah before the Prophet. One very small group of the bad Quraysh were still waiting to fight with the Muslims. So the Muslims had to destroy around 12 bad people so the rest escaped. The Prophet wanted to avoid all kind of fighting and enter Makkah peacefully. Khalid and Zubayr (r) took control of Makkah and waited at the Safa and Hajoon area. When the prophet reached there, he took some rest and then moved forward with Abu Bakr (r). At last, on Ramadan 17, 8 Hijri, the instant Muslims had been expecting finally arrived. After almost 21 years of patience and adversity , Allah (SWT)'s Messenger finally entered the holiest Mosque without any problem. 

At that point he lowered his head to offer because of Allah (SWT). Allah (SWT) made the entry very successful with a victorious and glorious feeling of the Prophet. After Muhammad(saw) entered the Kabah, he kissed the black stone and went round the Kabah seven times with his camel. At that time around the Kabah, there were 360 idols. The prophet broke each of the idols with a stick by reading some Quranic verses. And by a miracle, every one of them was broken. After that, he took the keys of the Kabah from Uthman bin Talha, then ordered to remove all the idols and pictures from inside. Finally, he entered the Kaaba with Usama and Bilal (r) and prayed two Rakah to Allah (SWT). After the prayer, he explored the inside of the kabbah while praising and glorifying Allah (SWT), the one and only god.

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